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Mick and Judy Freer in Derbyshire
  A small stud of broken coloured miniature Shetland ponies with carefully chosen pedigrees

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Our 2017 foals.
Merrylees Little Dove.
Sire      Merrylees Ringmaster
Dam     Wolfords Candy                   sold
Merrylees Arctic Bear
Sire        Littlefort Toytown
Dam       Eiger Kara                            Sold
Merrylees Billy the Kid
Sire        Merrylees Ringmaster
Dam       Merrylees Angelina               Retained
Merrylees Mayfair
Sire       Littlefort Toytown
Dam      Merrylees Angel Delight        Sold
Merrylees Joanna
Sire         Merrylees Ringmaster
Dam        Stranduff Jolene                   Sold

Merrylees Rosanna
Sire          Merrylees Ringmaster
Dam         Merrylees Rambling Rose    

Merrylees Playtime
Sire         South Sands Rhubarb
Dam        Corley Oak Pearlescent        Sold