2015 results
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yearlings, 2-3 years fillies, 2-3 years colts, mares, stallions, Geldings   ridden ponies


WSPG Spring Show 22/3/15
Judge Mrs Davenport
Miniature Yearling filly 2nd 7
Caz's Shetland Show Bicton 17/5/15
Judge Mr Sykes
Miniature Yearling - 2nd 7
Bath & West 30/5/15
Judge Mr L Gregory
Miniature Yearling  - 1st 10
National Shetland Pony Show of Wales 27/6/15Judge Mr J Walters Miniature Yearling Filly - 2nd 7
Honiton Show 6/8/13
Judge Mrs J Lonsdale
Miniature Yearling Filly - 1st 10
Caz's Shetland Show Bicton 13/9/15
Judge Mrs F Hammond
Miniature Yearling Filly - 1st & Reserve Junior Champion 10+2
WOTKNOTTS AIMEE          =53 total

Nps area 12 spring show
10th May 2015
Judge: Mrs C Henry

Mini Yearling

1st Miniature
junior champion


Shropshire county show
23rd May 2015
Judge: Mr S J Harrison

Mini yearling

1st Miniature junior champion
(Reserve overall mini champion)


SWWSPG Summer Show
26th July 2015
Mrs C Cozens-cook

black yearling

Reserve junior black champion


Cothi Bridge Show
30th May 2015
Judge: Mr R N Jones

miniature yearling 1st 10

Severn valley show
6th June 2015
Judge: Mr T A Jones

miniature yearling 1st 10

Kington show
12th September 2015
Judge: Mr N True

miniature yearling   1st 10
Fernhalls Sarah Jane. Owned/bred by C Salters       70 total

SWSPG Mrs D Griffiths yearling  1st + Res Jun Champ  10 + 2 = 12
NPA Cornwall Mrs L Impey   1st & Jun Ch +10+4=26
Tregony. Mrs J Lonsdale   1st +10 =36
Camelford. C Seipp   1st +10 =46
Okehampton    Mrs S. Seward
  Mini yearling  1st + Jun Champ + 10 + 4 = 60  
Lanivet            Mrs M. Matthews   Shetland 3 & under  1st      + 10 = Total 70
Tawna Clarius (Kerswell Nutcracker x Tawna Clementine). yearling colt owner exh        

show/judge class placed points
chiltern group spring
Mrs E Lewis
yearling 1st & res jun ch 10+2=
Parklands Show,
17th May 2015
judge Mrs P Campbell
standard/miniature yearling, 1st +10
Alrewas Show
16th July 2015. 
Judge Mrs Gill Cowell
miniature yearling 1st  and reserve youngstock champion, +10+2
The National Shetland Performance
Judge Mrs J Jones.
  3rd 7
Chiltern Summer Shetland Show
Judge Mrs L Cave
  2nd 7

Helenbrie Chloe, y/ling filly owner Tussilago stud

Kenilworth Agricultural Show
Judge Mr N Vale
  2nd 7

SPSBS Yorkshire Shetlands Spring

Judge: Mr J McMaster
yearling 2nd 7

NCPA Northern Pony of the Year Show Championships

Yearling 1st & ch 10+6

SPSBS Lincolnshire Show

Judge: Miss C Seipp
yearling 1st 10

NCPA Summer Show:
Judge: Miss L Booth

Equifest Qualifier  Mountain and Moorland Small breeds 1,2 & 3year 1st
Res. M&M Ch

Aldborough and Boroughbridge SPSBS Judge: Mr. P Dawson

Standard Shetland Yearling 1st +10
Equifest   Yearling Shetland 1st and Reserve Junior Champion.  10+2
Beeftub Bell Emileo owned/exh L Mayfield        

2-3 Years fillies

Cardigan county show-29th July 
Judge: Mrs D Griffiths 
2/3 yr old mini 1st - Minature ch 10+6
Swwspg summer show - 26th July 
Judge: Mrs s cozens 
2/3 yr old mini 1st -
Reserve junior champion
Burwarton show -6th August 
Judge: miss b p Wilson 
1,2/3 yr old mini 1st -
Reserve junior champion
Minsterley show - 8th August 
Judge: Mrs d m tindale 
2/3 yr old mini 1st -
Reserve junior champion.
Pontardulais show - 31st Aug
Judge: Mr N True
2&3 yr old mini 1st -
Reserve junior champion
Cerrigydrudion show - 5th Sept
Judge: Mr Tindale
2&3 yr old mini 1st
Reserve junior champion
Hasguard Pom Pom 
Owned by Charlotte salters
2 year old miniature filly 
      76 total

Sharptor Truffle owned/exh by Judy Hawkins

SEWPCA  15th March M and M in hand  youngstock 1st and reserve champion 10+6
NPS area 20 8th April M&M judge. S.Hird/P.Baker-Beale           " 1st and champion  +10+6
Downs Shetland show 3rd Mayjudge Mrs M.Matthews three year old 1st and champion   +10+6
Hickstead NPS Area 20 judge Mrs Lowth
19th april
youngstock in hand 1st   and overall champion +10+6
Windsor 15th May
judge J D Kay Esq
three year old filly   +10  =74

Chilton group
Addington manor 19/4/2015 judge E Lewis
2/3years old
1st & Jun ch 10+4
Devon county 23/5/2015  judge Mr N True    do 1st & Jun ch
& Res Ch
+10+4  +4
South of England June
Mrs V Hampton
    do 1st +10
Chilton spg 28/6/2015 addington manor
judge L Cave
    do 2nd & res ch +7 +2
Performance show july
Judge Mrs J E Jones
     do 1st & Jun ch +10+4
wessex mrs d wright      do 3rd +5=70 total

3y/o Shawdene Faberge, bred, & exh, Mrs G Mather


Burwarton Show
Miss B P Wilson
jun filly
1st, Junior Champion
Standard Champion
Overall Champion
10 + 4
+ 6 =20
Cheshire County   Mrs Davenport 2-3yrs 1st  / Junior Champion +10+4
2-3yrs 1st  / Junior Champion +10+4
Fillongley    Standard 2-3yrs 1st 10
Mini Mania              Mr D Hodge  Standard 2yrs 1st & reserve Junior Champion 10+2
high Horse             Mr N Vale         
 Standard 2 yrs 1st & Reserve Junior Champion. 10+2

Pirouette Midnight Debut. K Hampton

      =82 total


2-3 years colts

Yorkshire Dales Shetland show J. Miss E Headley. 2 + 3yo colt  1st Reserve junior champion 10+2
NCPA Yorkshire Branch Spring Show.
Judge Mrs E Lewis
 colt filly or gelding 1+2+3yo 
1stJunior Champion
Reserve overall champion
Shibden Dale,23rd August 2015Mr J McMasters 2 and over stallion, 1st  Junior Champion and Overall champion. Res. overall supreme in hand of show. 10+4+4
Red Rose Show
Judge Mr D Gibson
miniature 2+3 yr old colt
1st Jun mini ch, Mini ch
Overall junior ch.
North Yorkshire Shetland show. J Barugh
 2+3 yr old miniatures
1st Jun Ch. Mini Ch
Res o/all Ch
NCPA Yorks 20th September 2015 SPSBAJudge Mr P Dawson Yearling, 2 and 3 yr old miniature,
1st  Junior Champion and reserve mini champion.

Plumtree Chimaira 3y/o owned/exh  Mr&Mrs Day


N. Antrim Agricultural Show      
Judge: R. Finlay           

2&3 Year Old Colt/Gelding/Filly     1st, Junior Champion + Overall Champion     10+4+6
Saintfield & Liburn Agricultural Show.Judge: P. Bunting 2&3 Year Old Colt/Gelding/Filly

1st  + Junior Champion + Overall Champion

The Showing Register Show 
Judge: P. Cox
Youngstock Shetland 1st  + Overall Champion      10+6
The Scottish Horse Show. J Webb M&M Youngstock    3rd +5 =61

N.I.W.P & C. S. Judge: M. Nimmo

M&M Youngstock 1st +10=71
N.I.S.P.G.  Judge: D. Gibson 2&3 Year Old Colt/Gelding/Filly 1st  + Junior Champion
+ Reserve Supreme

Wikners Gryffindor 3 Year Old Colt.


Bath & West 30/5/15
Judge Mr L Gregory
2 & 3yr old miniature colt/gelding 2nd  7
National Shetland Pony Show of Wales 27/6/15Mr J Walters 2yr old miniature colt 1st 10
Honiton Show 6/8/15
Judge Mrs J Lonsdale
2 & 3yr old colt/filly/gelding 1st 10
Chagford Show 20/8/15
Judge Mrs C Cozens-Cook
2 & 3yr old miniature colt/filly/gelding 1st Miniature Champ & Supreme Shetland 10+6  =43
Melplash Show 27/8/15
Judge Mrs J Upton
M&M Small Breeds 1,2 & 3yr old  1st +10
Caz's Shetland Show Bicton 13/9/15Judge Mrs F Hammond Miniature 2&3yr old - 1st Miniature Junior  & Champion Reserve Supreme +10+4+4

Wotknotts Jethro  2 yrs colt 



Shropshire County.
judge - Mr Harrison
miniature mare 1st and overall champion 10+6
judge Mrs D Wright
open miniature 1st and overall champion +10+6
= 32
Wales National breed show
D Hodge Esq
J Walters Esq
black mini yeld or gelding
yeld mare
1st &
Black mini champion

Oswestry Show 1/8/2015. Judge Mr. G. Wright.

Miniature mare 1st , Best miniature and Overall Shetland Champion. 10+6
mini mania. J Walters do 1st & res mini ch & res o/all ch 10+4
J Jones
do 1st & Res ch +10+4

Gott Mabs 7 year miniature mare Glenn & Jane Smith


Felicity's Fleur  owned by

Cleveland County show  Judge Mrs S Pye
Yeld mare 1st  & Champion
and NPS Kilmannan Silver Medal
Yorkshire Group
Judge Mrs E.Lewis.
ditto 1st & Champion 10+6
Otley Show   16 May Judge Mrs J. Whitehouse  ditto 1st & Champion 10+6
Ryedale  show  28 july   Judge Mr S.Howard   Shetland any 1st
Best Shetland
yorkshire Branch NCPA     Selby       20sept           Judge Mr P Dawson standard  mare/stallion/gelding  4yrs and over       1ST     Standard champion    overall show champion 10+6
Northern Pony of the Year show  NCPA       Richmond      Judge  Miss B P Wilson
standard Mare/stallion or gelding 4yrs and over 1ST & Ch 10 + 6



Champlers Mimosa Owned by Jane Smith


Miniature Stallions

Heathfield. Mrs A Sargeant stallion 1st and overall champion 10+6
Bath & West
L Gregory Esq
stallion 1st & Miniature Ch + 10+6
Area 20 Mrs J Webb 4+over 1st (best mini) and overall champion 10+6
Performance Show J Jones stallion 1st, champion mini, res supreme +10+6
Usk Show. S Seward stallion 1st & Overall champion +10+6 =80
Stretcholt Equestrian centre
 Judge I Bailey
Stallion 1st  and Reserve champion, +10+4=94

Snelsmore Nevada C&J Percy


South West Shetland Pony Group Spring show: Judge Mrs J. Lonsdale. mini stallion senior champion
& O/all champion
Southern Group Spring Judge Mrs C. Cooke.   Miniature Champion & Reserve o/all Champion 10+6
Devon County Show: Judge Mr N True.   Miniature Champion 10+6
Royal Cornwall Show: Judge Miss A. Hampton.   Miniature Champion & Reserve o/all 10+6
South West Shetland Pony Group Summer Show: Mrs D. Griffiths.   Miniature Champion 10+6

Royal County of Berkshire show: Judge Mrs J. Elliott.

   Miniature Champion & supreme m&m. 10+6= 96

Top Rock Johntie owned and exhibited by D Hodge

Liskeard Show: Judge Mrs M. Matthews. Miniature Champion & Reserve Supreme.   Okehampton Show: Mrs S Seward. Miniature Champion  

Standard Stallions

Hose Reynard 27yrs, 40.5" Stallion Owned by Pirouette Stud

Shropshire County Standard Stallion

1st    24yrs+ SSADL Area Olympia Qualifiers
Three Counties   1st     24yrs+ SSADL Regional Olympia Qualifiers +10
= 20
Performance Show       Mrs Seward
Veteran 1st 10
Cheshire County   24yrs+ SSADL Regional 2nd 7
SSADL Championship Show olympia qualifiers Shetland / Miniature Horse


show/judge class placed points
Chiltern Group Spring
Judge E Lewis
open gelding
broken coloured
1st, 1st
Mini ch Res. overall
Chiltern Summer Show 28th June 2015,  
Judge Mrs L Cave
standard/miniature Gelding 1st miniature champion
& res sup.
1st broken coloured,
Alrewas show
16th July 2015.  
Judge Mrs Gill Cowell
Miniature mares and Geldings, 1st & reserve miniature champion. 10+4
Canwell Agricultural Show 8th August 2015 judge Mr G Wright.
 Mare and Gelding 1st and reserve Miniature Champion. 10+4
SPSBS Breed Show
Judge Mrs Randell
Miniature Gelding 1st , reserve supreme Gelding 10+4

Mini Gelding BRENIN AUR. owner - Tussilago stud http://tussilago.create.net

The National Shetland Performance Judge Mrs J Jones 
Miniature Gelding 1st reserve supreme Gelding 10+4
= 88

26.04.15 Native Pony
Association of Cornwall
Sue Rowe

Shetland, Dartmoor,
Exmoor, 4 years + 


Royal Cornwall Show Miss. A. Hampton

Mini gelding 4years +   2nd +7

21.06.15 SWSPG Summer Show
Mrs. Griffiths

Mini gelding 4years + 3rd +5

Liskeard Show Marion Mathews

Standard & Mini gelding 2nd +7

11.07.15 New Forest and Hampshire County Show Mrs. Wright

Mini gelding 4years +   1st +10
09.08.15Tregony Heavy Horse Show J. Lonsdale Mini gelding 4years + 2nd +7

Tawna Midas owned by Fiona Lawrence
4 years mini gelding



Aberystwyth Show 13th June 2015
SPSBS Judge, Mr T Jones
Mare or Gelding
3rd 5
Merioneth County show 26th August 2015
CHAPS (UK)Judge, Mr John Helme
CHAPS UK Native, Cob or Traditional Open 3rd 5
Cerrigydrudion Show 6th September 2015
SPSBSJudge, Mr P Tindale
Mare or Gelding  3rd and Best Gelding 5 =15
Kington Show. N True do 3rd 5 =20

Wildways Astonish 4yrs Standard Gelding


Open, junior and Working Hunter Pony

Cranford Fandabby dosey& Jack Dale

BSPS Area 14 open and restricted
open WHP
1st open, 1st restricted & Res champion 10+4=14
Shetland Performance Show NPS Intermediate WHP qualifier 1st 10
SBSBS BREED SHOW Int     "                   " 1st & Res WHP ch +10+4
SOUTHDOWN PC x country 2nd +7
Performance Show open WHP
Intermediate whp 1st
Junior whp 2nd


NPS A20 WHP 2nd 7
      62 total

First ridden

NCPA Cumbria 8th March
Mrs J MacInnes
NPS Micro Demolition FR 1st Place 10
 BSPS Area 2b 23rd May
Mr I Dickinson
BSPS Heritage Open FR 1st place 10
BSPS Area 1b 2nd May Mrs G Simpson BSPS Heritage Open FR 1st Place (reserve champ) 10+4
Midland Counties 7th June 
Mrs C Fletcher&Mrs Hillard
HoysBrineton/Kare plus FR 2ND 7
Scottish Horse Show 21st July
Mrs G McMurray and Mrs A Squires
HOYS Brineton/Kare-plus M&M FR 1st Place and reserve Champ 10+4
Cheshire County Show 24th June Mrs H E Prescott and Mrs S Phelan  HOYS Brineton/Kare-plus M&M FR 2nd place 7
Birchmoor Admiral & Ellie Simmond       62

Leading rein pony

Rawside Royal Maizie. Ridden by Katie Mcallister age 7.
Handler Diane Mcallister. Owned by E A Barnes (Rosslyn stud)

Yorkshire Dales Shetland Show J~Miss E Headley. LEAD REIN PONY
1st, champion and overall sup shetland ch
North of England Shetland Pony show 5th July 2015 judge
Mrs D Wright.
Lead rein 1st and champion. +10+6
Great Harwood Agricultural Show, Judge Mrs Horsfall M&M Lead Rein 2nd. +7
 Great Eccleston Agricultural Show, Judge Mr. P.Boustead M&M Lead Rein 1st +10
 Royal Lancashire Show, Judge Mrs.L.Thomas, M&M Lead Rein,  3rd +5

Shawdene Eve, Rider Miss Ella Fairhurst age 3 years
owner Mrs Graham Mather


Wessex spg 22/3/2015 Judge Mrs G Cowell L/REIN 2nd 7
Chilton spg Addington Manor 19/4/2015
Judge E Lewis
do 2nd + Res ch 7+4
= 18

 Chilton spg Addington Manor 28/6/2015 judge H Nielson 1st

do 1st&Ch 10+6
wessex D Wright do 2nd +7=  41