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      Claylands Prince of Foxt. 9 years. Multi Champion Stallion. 2017 Champion Coloured pony.       2015 Royal Windsor, 2nd and Res. Champion.
These ponies are the future of the Claylands stud, in the capable hands
of Diane and Andy, Claylands, Yorkshire.

                           Claylands Nordman. b. 2014
          dam: Claylands Chloe. sire: Claylands Prince of Foxt.
Champion foal SPSBS Breed Show 2014. 2nd res junior Royal Winsor 2015. Junior Champion Royal Welsh 2015

Maurice Arden and Shirley Nadin of the Claylands Shetland Pony Stud are delighted to welcome Diane Verity and Andy Birdsall of Queensbury Farm, Queensbury, near Bradford, Yorks into the fold.
The idea being for them to breed and show the Claylands style of chestnut pony, whilst we continue to show only.   And to scotch the rumour that we are to retire, we most certainly are not retiring!!
With the arrival of “Lexie” Claylands Golden Finale, in March of this year, we had already decided that as age catches up with us, she would be our last foal and what a beauty she is.
As already mentioned, we shall continue to enjoy our showing and wish to go to as many new venues that have not necessarily been visited previously which is always good fun, new places and faces, what could be better.
Diane and Andy are a breath of fresh air and will continue showing in their own right and will further the name of Claylands Shetland Ponies in doing so. They have Claylands Prince of Foxt (Percy) who has already proved himself, not only in the show ring, but as a stallion.


Along with the other ponies that they have, they run the  “Riding Habit”  from their farm, which caters for all things horse and pony, including feed, so the ponies won’t go hungry and will be well attired.
The continuation of Claylands ponies is of great importance to us, otherwise it would be some forty years wasted if it were to be lost and all the hard work of the original founder, the late Mrs Jeannette Arden to no avail.

Abbotsbury Zak

2007 Soc. Breed Show 1st coloured Stallion, Best Coloured Stallion and and Coloured Champion