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"Ask not what the Shetland pony can do for you - what can you do for the Shetland Pony?"

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January 2020

Horse of the Year Show 2020 National Pony Society / Baileys Horse Feeds M&M Ridden Pony of the Year Qualifiers containing Shetlands;

  1. Native Breeds Ridden Festival - 31/05/2020

  2. Midland Counties Show - 06/06/2020 - 07/06/2020

  3. Royal Three Counties - 12/06/2020 - 14/06/2020

  4. Derbyshire Festival - 13/06/2020 - 17/06/2020

  5. Royal Cheshire County - 16/06/2020 - 17/06/2020

  6. Royal Highland Show - 18/06/2020 - 21/06/2020

  7. North of England Summer Pony Show - 27/06/2020 - 28/06/2020

  8. Royal Norfolk Show - 04/07/2020

  9. Monmouthshire Show - 04/07/2020

  10. NCPA Staffordshire County Festival - 04/07/2020 - 05/07/2020

  11. Scottish Horse Show - 08/07/2020

  12. Great Yorkshire Show - 14/07/2020 - 16/07/2020

  13. New Forest and Hampshire County Show - 28/07/2020 - 30/07/2020

  14. NPS Summer Championships - 31/07/2020 - 02/08/2020

  15. Stoneleigh Horse Show - 07/08/2020 - 09/08/2020

  16. Shetland Pony Society Stud Book Breed Show - 30/08/2020

  17. Moreton in Marsh Show - 05/09/2020

Letters from Macmillan & Alzhiemers Society to all the people who donate to Gerry Hart's SHETLAND PONY OWNERS AND BREEDERS Christmas Appeal, that was split between Macmillan & Alzheimer's Society, all cards can viewed here;

Dear Friends,

We can't say thank you enough

Thank you so much for your very kind donation of £595.00 to Macmillan Cancer Support Your generosity and support will allow us to help everyone with cancer live life as fully as they can

We would like to thank all owners and breeders for your generosity, kindness and commitment to supporting the work that we do at Macmillan. £595.00, for example, could pay for a Macmillan social care worker or family support worker for 1 week, helping patients, family members, and carers manage the social and practical problems of living with cancer.

How you're helping

At Macmillan, we understand that cancer can impact a person's whole life - health, money, family, work; everything. We can help people with managing symptoms and offer advice and benefits for things like keeping the cost of heating down during treatment. We can also provide training for employers to support people back to work. With your support, people get the energy and inspiration to feel more like themselves.

Thank you once again for being a part of Team Macmillan.

Dear Gerry Hart

We can achieve so much more when we come together. Thank you so much to everyone at Shetland Pony Group for uniting against dementia and raising a fantastic £595.00 from your fundraising - what a fantastic achievement!.  We will ensure that we make every penny count to drive our crucial work.

Dementia devastates lives. By 2021, 1 million people will be living with the condition. But dementia won't win. Until the day we find a cure, Alzheimer's Society will be here for anyone affected by dementia – wherever they are, whatever they're going through. Everything we do is informed and inspired by them.

We’ll make sure that your donation is put to good use, whether it’s spent on campaigning activity to stand up for people with dementia, funding research to develop a cure, or delivering vital services across the UK; it’s going to make a huge difference.

Just one of the vital services we provide is Side by Side where we focus on the individual needs and personalities of people with dementia, allowing them to continue doing their favourite activities and making sure people living with dementia don’t feel alone.

‘After a whole year of not going out, I now can't imagine staying indoors.' – Val, living with dementia, using Side by Side

We’re taking on dementia to put a stop to it, any way we can.


Once again, thank you. With your help we hope to one day win the battle against dementia.


After much thought and deliberation, I have decided that it is time for me to pass on the baton which is I will miss it, but I’ve got to the stage having been on steroids for years that they are starting to have some of the side effects long usage brings. Whilst they make me ‘sharp’ and on the ball, amongst other things, they thin the skin, not good for someone sat in a wheelchair.
Neil Kirkness from Orkney now owns the site, and much of its present content and format will remain the same, along with a new modern web site. Bear with us while the transition takes place. I have had my go, and its time to bring in new blood.

I’d like to leave a legacy of good memories, the Sussex Show, which I started and ran for 18 years the South East group for a similar time, passing its financial reserves to the Downs group which continues in the area. I set up the National in hand awards, a points scheme with an annual ‘black tie’ dinner and presentation at the Spa Hotel, Tunbridge Wells, a highly successful, prestigious scheme and awards dinner attended by owners and breeders from Scotland, N Ireland, Wales and of course England. I always believed it was an important scheme that should be run by the breed society, eventually they agreed and continue with it to this day.

There are over 200 paintings by me of mostly Shetland ponies In the UK and worldwide, 150 illustrated in a book for reference. I think Kevin and I have bred some good ponies over the years and will continue with that, 3 perhaps 4 per annum, for the foreseeable future.

I’d just got my first PC in 1999, lying awake, the concept of a website that listed studs, promoted news, enhancing the reputation of the breed, a list of affiliated shows/schedules as provided by show secretaries, a results service, links to groups and associated sites, and a ponies for sale page. All laid out in an easy to access format. Over the years I have thought how I might improve it. I always believed it ‘does what it says on the tin’. That’s not to say it can’t be improved. The whole public perception of the Shetland pony has markedly improved to equality with other breeds. You’ve been out there ‘doing it’ breeding some fabulous ponies, but it has been that has told the world.
Social media such as facebook has entered the fray, people can ‘post’ what they like, (and they do!) I’m not entirely sure that breed perception has been enhanced, certainly the perception of some are that they are overly ‘pleased with themselves’ and far too self congratulatory for my taste and many others., under my EDITORSHIP, WHILST CONGRATULATING SUCCESS, has stuck to the facts and results, that’s one of the reasons why people return all the time to the site. I am assured and confident that Neil will continue in the same even handed approach.

Bear with us during this transition period of minimal disruption and a bright new future for the first and most respected Shetland pony web site. Gerry Hart. xx

GH, site founder pictured 2000

GH, site founder pictured 2019

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Christmas Appeal 2019 - view cards here

THESE CHEQUES £595 FOR EACH CHARITY, UNDER THE NAME OF 'SHETLAND PONY OWNERS AND BREEDERS' HAVE BEEN POSTED TODAY. Got to say, very gracious response of Macmillan to the news that half our efforts will be going to ALZHEIMER'S SOCIETY.  I CALL THAT 'CLASS'

Hello Gerry

Thank you so much for your lovely email and for letting us know about your fundraising; what a lovely gesture and way of raising money. I will share the links internally so my colleagues can take a look. We really do appreciate your support so a big THANK YOU to you and everyone involved

With regards to the donation; please could you make the cheque payable to ‘Alzheimer’s Society’ and you can post this to Alzheimer’s Society, Scott Lodge, Scott Road, Plymouth, PL2 3DU. Please can you ensure you details what you did in the accompanying letter and how you would like us to send you the acknowledgement so the processing team know what to do for you

I hope this is all OK and if you need anything else please let us know

Thank you so much again; you really are very kind

Best Wishes


Good morning Gerry

Thank you for your email and for choosing to support Macmillan. With your help, we can be right there to help more people with cancer.

Gerry, I’ll send a copy of your email over to our Supporter Donations team so that they know to email you a very well deserved Thank You letter.

It’s great that you are splitting your funds between us and Alzheimer’s, all charities need as much help they can get.  Did you know that £600 would pay for a Macmillan Nurse for 3 days or a Macmillan Support Worker for a week, how amazing is that.  Thank you.

We hope this helps, but if you have any more questions or need help with anything else, please contact our Supporter Care Team on the number below or by replying to this email. Alternatively, you can chat to us directly on our webchat facility.

Once again, thank you for your kind support.  Your generosity means we can do more for all people with cancer.

Kindest Regards

Lynne Perris

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