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 Courellis Dorothea

November has been a very bitter / sweet month.  I lost one of my favourite mares, Somahouse Eureka, in tragic circumstances and was close to throwing the towel in.  We all have that ‘special one’ and, whatever your reason, you can't ignore the fact that some bonds are stronger than others.  Eureka was one of mine and is sorely missed.

I submitted my entries for the British National Foal of the Year Show but my enthusiasm was lacking.  The dreaded alarm went off at 5.30am on 25th November and admittedly, there was still a lack of enthusiasm but I'd spent time bathing and working with the foals so felt I should go to give the foals some experience in a nice, quiet environment as this particular show is run.

I'm so glad I did. The foals behaved impeccably and my homebred filly, Courellis Dorothea, won the Standard Filly class, then my Standard Colt, Vindon Utah, won his class.  It was overwhelming and completely unexpected to have my two foals head to head in the Championship (massive thank you to Leanne Beacham who helped). They were up against two beautiful Miniatures, Pinglewood Meghan (1st Miniature Filly class - Brenda Twining) and Castlethorpe Jack Junior (1st Miniature Colt class - G. C. Cross).  Vindon Utah was placed Champion and Castlethorpe Jack Junior was Reserve Champion under Judge, Peter Tindale.  

No matter how fed up you feel, these precious ponies, unbeknown to them, certainly can lift your spirits.  Shetties can break our hearts but can also help heal them - I know I'm not alone in these sentiments. Danielle,

Castlethorpe Jack Junior and Vindon Utah (also right)

Former Society President and Judge, John Church, has died.  Funeral Monday 17 December 10.30 Isfield Church.  Don't know any other details

It seems my painting of the Centenary Trust members posted on Facebook, has rekindled happy memories of how the breed society was twenty years ago. Gerry your painting evoked so many memories. That was a really great bunch of enthusiasts without exception who did so much for the Society at that time. Did you know that Steven talked us into climbing Cairngorm with a pony to raise funds for the Centenary? Dougal and Steven both came with us along with a BBC film crew. Great times. Well done on sharing that, credit to you for doing it. History in the making”.

I was approached by Dougal, if I was prepared to do the painting. It portrayed some of the leading lights of the breed (The Centenary fund Trustees) Latterly, someone had the painting moved (probably because they didn’t feature!). I loved those featured, sadly, Marie Brooker and Willie Wybar have passed away. They are part of the Society’s gravitas and history. The painting was a gift from me, no fee, to be hung in the Council ‘board room’ which it was for many years. Happily, now it hangs in TRANSY HOUSE, never exhibited by me, largely unseen other than by Council members, I am delighted so many of you are appreciating it.

I think, those of us now, who were involved then, and for many years before are acutely aware that things do change in everything, some for the better, and sadly, some not. One respondent to my post recalled how a group, (see above) led by the indomitable Dougal Dick trooped up the Cairngorms to raise funds for the centenary celebration.

I remember in the millennium tour of Shetland, Dougal was passenger alongside Steven Strang who was driving the car with Barbara Wilson in the back seat. Kevin drove us in a following car, with Pat Campbell in the back seat. By any standards, certainly in those days, Steven, shall we say, was proper, maybe even prim. As the weather kept changing, as it does on Shetland, when the sun came out, Steven stopped the car, got out, took his coat off, opened the boot of the car and placed the carefully folded coat in the boot, got back in and drove off. Shortly the sun disappeared. On went the brakes, Steven got out and went to the back of the car to retrieve his coat. Having stopped on a hill, Dougal released the hand brake and the car rolled on down the hill with Steven, agitated, in pursuit. I guess you’d have to know them both to understand how ridiculously funny it was, and how much Dougal teased Steven. Photos of Barbara and Pat at one of the abandoned open air markets, Baltasound’ unaware they were standing under a sign ‘barren cows’. I guess there is a book in me somewhere.
We had great social ‘do’s, not least the awards dinners at the Spa in Tunbridge Wells that I organised for several years, and supported by members from Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and all over England. We were silly at socials but very serious about our ponies and our responsibility to the breed. In fairness, we had an element then as now that were clueless, but that’s the nature of the beast.

Paraphrasing JFK, "Ask not what the Shetland pony can do for you - what can you do for the Shetland Pony"?


Fayrefield stud, owners, are delighted with this lovely filly bred by Lorraine and her Daughter Jodie Gabrielle Waite of Plumtree Stud.

Jolie also received miniature Junior Champion at The National Stallion Show this year. 

Just wanted to Thank you for publishing Jane Dennis's letter and your own on your site. I was horrified to read a post on a well known long established stud's FB page, ranting about the 'loss of the sale' 
due to petty people like myself moaning about the toilets, café, parking etc......no mention of the main problem, the cruelty and bad practice I witnessed, by certain purchasers. I did post a 
reply to this rant but as often happens, these 'posters' are unable to have a debate if they disagree with what was written, and my post was removed virtually immediately. Thank you for trying to set 
them straight....although it pains me to realise that some breeders seem to have no care where their ponies end up. S.D.
I publish this, not to rake up that which is the business of the breed Society Council, but to underline THIS FACT. Everyone in Shetland ponies reads this page, sometimes I voice my opinion

which is based on facts. ANYONE MAY COMMENT AND I WILL PUBLISH. Invariably they don't, because they know I have called it as it is. If someone has misunderstood / misread the
situation, to save them being 'savaged' I usually contact them and ask are they sure they wish their comments to be published. THE POINT IS.....I DO NOT CONSIDER MY VIEW ON ANY


Sunday 18th November @ Merrist Wood. South east welsh pony and cob show. On a  cold but sunny day, Cr. Fantasia with Lucie Dale and led by Sally Dale won the small ponies 'recently broken' class and 'blow me down' went champion. THE 4 YEAR OLD MARE HAS HAD A FANTASTIC SEASON IN HAND so to round it off like this, when we were genuinely only going out for a 'toe in the water' trip was very pleasing. Thanks to SEWPCA and their members who didn't snivel about the winner being an 'interloper' but went the extra mile and gave the combo a round of applause. ON SATURDAY, we picked up our new 41inch black stallion, Stepley Victorious. A sweetie, his breeding is mainly Wells and Harviestoun, with a dash of Berry, and will do nicely. Thank you Shirley, Steve and Caz for letting us have him and in fab condition. Finally to round off the SEWPCA show, our welsh sec D mare won the large breeds 'newly broken class' with SALLY DALE up.


Yesterday, 17th november, was the Native pony show held at Lanark Auction Mart. Eiger Nijinsky finished the season as he started, winning miniature stallion class and champion miniature plus reserve over all.Lisa Wilson with Birchmoor Delight a lovely Bay mare was over all Champion .We also won the mare class with a new mare Romansleigh Bretta,the best result for me was to see a filly foal that we bred and sold to a young boy winning a large foal class. Shearer

Reading sale: Articles in this order, as they were posted here.........first two by G Hart 25th, 3rd by J Dennis, further comment anon 17th nov
Reading Sale.... I am receiving various communications along the lines of the following.
Hi Gerry, in light of council's decision regarding Reading, will the sale be moving to Salisbury or elsewhere or will it just go ahead anyway 
at Reading which will have achieved nothing for the welfare of the ponies.....we need a sale in the South under the auspices of the Society.
I DO NOT SPEAK FOR THE SOCIETY COUNCIL, but this is my opinion.............. The breed SOCIETY has no authority over any 
auction house wishing to hold a sale of Shetland ponies, and Thimbleby and Shorland for example, may well wish to continue with a sale. 
It is sad that after 50 years of association the Council felt compelled to remove 'under auspices', from T+S, but were left with no choice 
following a deterioration over the last several years of facilities as their business model has moved more into plant and away from livestock.
Whether or not another suitable location with more suitable facilities is yet to be established, but in any event, parking is a huge issue and
control over the clientele attracted is another problem to be resolved. Suitable toilet facilities is another, and catering, one more. People 
have said to me, depending on where THEY live, why not 'BRIDGEWATER, YORK', and I respond, both failed, as have Builth and Hereford.
It may be more than one location will be selected, but wherever it is, it must be able to provide the necessary facilities and standards to
attain Society endorsement. GH.
Without spending my life on social media, most of the Shetland pony ‘gossip’ sooner or later filters down to me.

Because you are a breeder of Shetland ponies, I feel no need to be your ‘friend’. Many breeders are on my list, people, actual friends I’ve known for years, mostly we sing from the same sheet, and if we disagree, we do that, agree to disagree. Neither do I hide behind a ‘friends’ contact list. Apart from facebook, I have Shetland-pony.com, followed World wide, where my views and others if they so wish may comment on important issues.

With the opening sentence above in mind, it comes to my notice that some people are put out at Council’s decision to remove the ‘under the auspices’ status of the Reading sale.

No one to my knowledge, certainly not council, has stopped or cancelled the sale. If T+S wish to hold a sale, they are free to do so. The Society Council has not withdrawn the sale’s auspices lightly. Welfare of the ponies, that arrive in good order for the sale, are then cruelly treated by some of the purchasers. They are often subjected to being ‘dealt on’ in the car park, ‘large’ children sitting on mini colt foals, taken off in unsuitable transport. Issues like the amenities, filthy toilets, catering deficiencies, ever shrinking parking due to get even worse, are secondary to the welfare of the ponies, something that seems to be ignored by dissenters!

The disregard for the staff of the Breed society, shows how much the breed Society is disrespected now. Shame, but a sale can still take place, but the Society has decided it does no longer feel it can  be associated. To those who whinge and say ‘how will we sell our stock without a sale’? Doesn’t need a comment from me.

PS. Sending a letter to Council DOES NOT mean they will agree. Your complaint will be discussed and a conclusion drawn, if COUNCIL AGREE, they may act, if not, they won’t.

 I completely agree with your remarks Gerry and if the welfare of our ponies isn't our most important consideration then we shouldn't be breeding them. If Thimbleby and Shorland wish to continue with a sale for ponies that is up to them entirely,  although I suspect that it will cease to be held there as it is only too obvious that the current auctioneers do not have the same interest as in previous times in conducting a livestock sale and I understand they only put on the Shetland sale in order to keep their livestock status. It has been in gradual decline for quite a few years now and seems to have reached a new low. By the unprecedented amount of complaints that the Society has received, it is obvious that it has had it day. Withdrawing the auspices has nothing to do with whether or not a sale is held at Reading, merely that it will not have the same status. 

Social media 'moaners' against the auspices of the Society being withdrawn from the Reading sale seem to fail to understand that one of the reasons the auspices is granted to a sale is to emphasize the importance of maintaining the pedigrees of the ponies forward, it  is not awarded for somewhere being the most convenient location for the exchange of livestock.  The SPSBS has charitable status and its objects are' to maintain unimpaired the purity of the breed of Shetland ponies and to promote and protect the breeding of these ponies throughout the world'  and a breed sale under its auspices is intended  to protect the future of the ponies  pedigrees which is one of the reason the Society pays a not inconsiderable sum to send members of staff to those sales, to ensure that changes of ownerships of  ponies forward are correctly recorded as far as possible.

Not that the Shetland society is not concerned with welfare and I quote from the annual reports for the SPSBS  'the welfare of our ponies is always the first concern of the Society'. The behaviour of some of the travellers who bought ponies was disgraceful,  witnesses describe  a terrified foal collapsing to the ground under the weight of a child chucked on to its back (full marks to the ladies who were brave enough to take issue with the travellers over that) and a foal pushed into a pen of adult ponies being kicked and bitten around the pen but no doubt much more not witnessed if that is how they treat their animals in public. Their behaviour sounds to have been very intimidating both around the ring and even in the ring. No one can stop public sales being conducted and maybe out of sight out of mind for some sellers, but is this really how we want to see a Breed sale conducted with the Society's approval?

A sale which is conducted on premises such as those Reading market has deteriorated into - where parking is abysmal, where the auctioneers fail to manage any discipline within the ring or outside it,  where welfare is not supervised and where ponies have little protection from buyers who behave with outright cruelty in some cases,  cannot be right for the Society to be seen to condone.

Hopefully other better premises will be found for a breed sale to take place in the south where the whole situation for ponies and owners will be once again of a standard to be awarded auspices status.

Jane Dennis

The prices at Aberdeen for colts was shocking , same studs as always with colts as wild as Heather making between 10 and 50 Guineas , disgusting, I bought a beautiful 2 yr old colt for next to nothing , brought him home and gelded him , hopefully make a nice kids pony and have a chance a decent life , I’m a soft touch.  NAME AND CONTACT SUPPLIED. GH

Belated Happy birthday, I did remember you but when I was about to post a message I was interupted and then forgot, hate growing old! Love all you Reading sale info. Like so many things in life it is sad to see the demise of what was such a good sale and one to look forward to. I dropped in last year and hated it even then, this year seems terrible but record prices, T&S wont want ot drop it now they are getting good money from it! x NAME AND CONTACT SUPPLIED. GH



Hermits Peggy sue  1st and champion mini foal at the Central Scotland Shetland Pony Youngstock show 2018

On Saturday the Central Scotland Shetland Pony Group held their Young stock Show at Caledonian Marts, Stirling. Results.


Photo of our Supreme Champion and Reserve.  Photos are of the Champ handled by Katy Leavy and the Reserve handled by Tam Stuart.

Lynsey Thomson
The Central Scotland Shetland Pony Group.


Supreme Champion Blackertor Red Berry, Ella Reed Reserve Supreme Champion Snelsmore Mystique


SNELSMORE COMPLETE A MARATHON SHOW SEASON IN 2018. We have travelled hundreds of miles across the country, showing twenty-five different ponies, meeting lots of old friends and making many new ones along the way. Yesterday was our final show for 2018. We made the three-and-a-half-hour journey down to the SWSPG show and luckily it was an easy trip with no hold ups. As usual SWSPG had a lovely atmosphere and there was a huge turnout of people enjoying their ponies. The day seemed ...to go well for David, Julian and all their helpers, with no hiccups and smiling faces all round. We were so proud of our ponies who made it a brilliant last show of the season. Despite being only his second show, Snelsmore Ulysses won the strong yearling class and overall yearling championship. Meanwhile, Snelsmore Tequila Sunrise managed a good third place; practice makes perfect. Snelsmore Sienna with another win and went on to take reserve junior champion. Snelsmore Mystique was a true professional and finished up taking the reserve supreme championship. jp


So pleased with the Zennor ponies at the Southwest Shetland group show at the weekend , especially Zennor Rosetta, winning a large strong yearling class on only h
er second time out, Zennor Blackberry second in a good three year old class and yet again Zennor Silver Shadow going Champion Gelding

delighted to welcome to Shetland-pony.com

The Wessex Shetland Pony Group held it Autumn Show on Sunday 28th October 2018

The Wessex Shetland Pony Group held it Autumn Show on Sunday 28th October 2018, we would like to thank everyone who braved the cold weather to attend.

The children did a great job in their classes which were again well supported. It was lovely to see some new young handlers attending, so important to the future of our breed.

Our judges, Mr D Sykes and Mr J Walters chose the Standard Overall Ring Champion as the Supreme Champion, previously being the winner of the mare class Sedgehill Olivia who is owned and exhibited by Miss Bella Bride who does a fantastic job in the In-hand and in the Ridden classes supporting the younger riders. This combination, Bella and Olivia also won the Standard Championship at the Summer Show, so well done Bella.

The Reserve Supreme was the Overall Miniature ring Champion Tygwyn Black Prince who had previously won the miniature stallion class, owned by Mrs G Mather.

Principle Show results:

Miniature Junior Champion – Shawdene Iyax                                                        Miniature Senior Champion - Tygwyn Black Prince

Reserve Miniature Junior Champion – Mardlebrook Whisper                            Miniature Reserve Senior Champion - Treflys Fanando

Miniature overall Champion - Tygwyn Black Prince

Reserve overall Miniature Champion - Treflys Fanando

Standard Junior Champion - Kassalic Ariarna                                                         Standard Senior Champion - Sedgehill Olivia

Reserve Standard Junior Champion - Lakehead Grace Elegant                           Standard Reserve Senior Champion - Tickners Bluebell

Standard overall Champion - Sedgehill Olivia

Reserve overall Standard Champion – Kassalic Ariarna

Ridden Champion – Bluebells Truffle

Reserve Ridden – Selspens Merry

Supreme Champion - Sedgehill Olivia

Reserve Supreme Champion - TYGWYN BLACK PRINCE

LATEST :       Reading Sale: SEE SOCIETY WEB SITE >  
Stud book society


Wotknotts Alice (right) aged 14 (New Park Caspar x Wotknotts April Showers) and her 4 year old Daughter Aimee (by Wotknotts Cedric).
Well, today wasn't about winning (because we didn't). It was about the lovely comments received outside the ring. Thank you everyone! 

Not that we breed ponies for fame, but it takes at least 25 years to get any recognition!! Well done Trud  xx



Some Seven and a half years ago, one of our dogs brought in and laid at my partner Shirley's feet, a completely bald chick that had been blown out of its nest during previous windy night. We had to help the poor thing, so worms were dug up and fed, but as we were showing our Shetland ponies all over the country Fred as we had named him had to come with us and many was the time when had to stop in a layby to feed him, also folks in the showing world got to know this little bird, so we put his name on side of the lorry and people who did,not know him would ask......who's Fred and we had to tell the story, sadly, we lost our lovely boy on may of this year which was a very sad time for us and left us with some lovely memories of singing to the tap running, or the frying pan sizzling and greeting us in the morning or when we came home from shopping. So we now have r.i.p. under his name just to let folks know that we have sadly lost him, so sad, but our animals become part of our lives like family and bless him, he was put in a special place r.i.p. Fred.  Maurice Arden and Shirley Nadin. Ipstones staffs. Real animal lovers. GH

One Witch, Layla Jayne Kirkness and her trusty unicorn, Hools Major High. They went flying round today's Orkney Ridingclub WH Show finishing 3rd and winning the best junior costume (Well Done granny Jane Peace and thanks so much for the lovely photos Kirstin Hourie and Lara Hourie. What a spooky fun filled day And in Sussex, Lucie Dale and her trusty 'Hamish' at a Halloween party
and Gymkhana. 'lead rein? Nah, only in the showring, or when mummy insists.

Cranford Fiddledydee on her last mission 2018 at Pony club rally with her little jockey, Lucie Dale. Home to Cranford for a winter holiday, switched over with Cr. Fantasia, newly broken, to continue her education at Sally-Ann Dale's Ghyllside training centre.

READING SALE. Some fantastic prices, but oh dear, what has it become? A gathering of shouting, intimidating ‘itinerants’ and their equally loutish children, (why are they not at school?) waving their wads of no doubt ill-gotten gains. Under the auspices of the Society? Society staff with no provision made for them inside the auction area, stuck in the wilderness of the under cover car park. Aforementioned children, urinating around the cars, 15 feet from the gents convenience. Their parents, ...clogging the entrance and exit to and from the ring. A mini colt foal, being sat on by a large child, approached by the Society President to tell them that was no way to treat a foal, was told to “f+++ off you old c+++“. CHARMING. Young Children standing INSIDE the ring for much of the sale. Who is liable if a child gets injured? No security, no welfare stewards, nothing. The toilets were obscene, I understand the 'ladies' in particular. STs, no toilet paper and absolutely filthy.
I have supported and promoted Reading sale when it has been under the cosh before, but I am struggling to defend it now, or its status as a Society sale held under auspices. Parking has become horrendous and we are cautioned that it will be worse next year.

I propose that we have a new sale in the south, possibly Salisbury, that has all the facilities we require. Reading is no longer fit for purpose. we must engage security and welfare stewards, no children under 16 TO BE ADMITTED unless accompanied by a Society member. 

I hope council will agree this and work out the finer details over the winter.



Owners and breeders who subscribe to Shetland-pony.com do so for various reasons. They want their web sites listed for easy access, helping to sell their stock. They want their news reported where everyone with Shetland ponies, or an interest in them, may see it. They like the 2 x free adverts per annum on the for sale page, still the surest way other than by auction to secure a sale. But, if you look at the list of subscribers on the home page, most of them are longstanding stalwarts of the breed who share the same ethos of breed protection, safeguarding breed purity, and promotion, welfare, and support of the Council  of the day. Studs not yet listed, who have the same values are welcome to join. Apply via link....... ghkw@showpony.com

I'm not  huge fan of the SHETLAND Grand National, but I am aware that conducted properly, it gives youngsters exciting opportunities and can be good publicity showing the versatility of the breed, enhancing its reputation and further dispelling negative attitudes of the ever distant, dimmer past. Having said that, got to admit, one of a series of three 'flat' races, this one at Chepstow, by any standard, had an exciting finish.
https://www.facebook.com/gerry.hart.315 listen to the young jockey's post race interview. Confident, eloquent.

This is Daisy Harrap being a very industrious! She has collected apples from her garden and her neighbours gardens and turned it into Apple juice which is now on sale to raise money
 for the Bob Champion cancer trust. I love the way she has called it Fantastic Apple juice. Daisy is riding Fantastic (Zorro) at Olympia this Christmas. 
He is so lucky to have such a kind loving jockey. Actually... no luck, jockeys carefully chosen. M.S.

Show & Sale of Registered Shetland Ponies Thainstone, 8th October 2018-10-08





Change of judge at Reading Shetland Sale.

Now Vivien Hampton & not Clifford Percy






A lovely big black stallion FIRLE RICARDO, (Katie Stone) was Supreme at the Southern Group’s Autumn show held at Sparsholt College. Bred by Debbie Barr and by Earnbrig Reynard.
A bay mini stallion Witcombe Humphrey, (Trudy Waterhouse) was res Supreme

No upset tummy this time, and mummy back on the lead rein, Lucie Dale returned to winning ways riding Cr Fiddledydee, 1st in the lead rein class, 2nd in the first ridden, (Lucie’s first attempt AT F/RIDDEN) and champion ridden pony. Full results and more pics when I receive them from show Sec. judges. Mrs Vivien Hampton and N. Vale Esq. Principal results

FIRLE RICARDO, (Katie Stone)

Witcombe Humphrey, (Trudy Waterhouse)

Lucie Dale riding Cr Fiddledydee,

res ridden ch Sharptor Denby and Maisie Collis

Res Standard Ch Stepley Tllly and Carrie Cook

kingsacre Mr Chief. 1st 3 y/old mini + Res jun.ch
Report by Jackie Percy, show organiser/secretary:

Thank you to everyone who braved the weather on the Saturday before our Southern Group Show to prepare your ponies and support us. We had an amazing day and your efforts didn’t go unnoticed. The ponies sparkled in the sunshine, making the task for our judges Mrs V Hampton and Mr N Vale, a difficult one. Our Supreme Championship went to four-year-old black standard stallion, Firle Ricardo bred by Debbie Barr, owned by Jo Stone and shown by her niece, Megan Andrews. In the coming winter, Ricardo will be broken, ready to start his career under saddle next year. We can’t wait to see the pair in action. The Reserve Supreme and Reserve Reserve Supreme prizes both went to Trudy Waterhouse with her two colts Witcombe Humphrey and Shangrila Dylan. This was a fantastic achievement by Trudy and her two beautifully turned out ponies. A few thanks are necessary on my part, after all I had several brilliant helpers on the day without which things wouldn’t have gone so smoothly. We had two excellent first time Stewards who did a great job, keeping the rosettes flowing and the classes on schedule. Cliff was his usual busy-self, ensuring all our competitors were informed and the caterers kept everyone fuelled with lovely food. I want to say a big thank you to all our sponsors and an even bigger well done to the competitors; without your support we couldn't have a show. It was fantastic to see some new faces alongside our existing members. Hopefully the group will continue to grow in strength with all of your support in the future. Full results on website soon.

Ancillary report from Mandy Shepherd on Carmillo Magician (Toppa) and a crashing fall for Bea in the practice ring.
This pony is so consistent and totally amazing just like his field companion Cranford Fantastic. As always these two ponies have awesome stories to tell. However today Bea had a horrible fall on her last practice fence just before entering the arena leaving her winded, blue and purple in the face, on the floor and a very, very concerned mummy. I thought she’d broken her back!!! However I think adrenaline kicked in with Bea and she picked herself up whilst I kept trying to dust off that really sticky surface off her jacket, face, hat, pony etc and Bea choose to get back on board and enter the arena and jump Toppa around the toughest course of the year. Susie and Sam Roberts, thank you. You were the only people to step forward and offer us help and support.
Mandy's four children Thomma, Tilly, Bea and Digby,
are all brave, talented and mannered. They may well be 'milleniums' but not one of them is a 'snowflake'. G.H.

left  Vivien Hampton's Briar Snowman ridden by
Lily Richardson to loud applause, 2nd in

Alison Bromwich's Waulkmill Redstart,
ridden by Dakota Keys 3rd in Dartmoor/Exmoor/Shetland

Mandy Shepherd's fabulous
Carmillo Magician
piloted by daughter, Bea, to a fantastic 3rd in the
122cm WHP at HOYS.


The smile says it all! 
At her first show, four year old Hannah borrowed Tawna Victoria for the Young Handler class at the End of Season Shetland Fun Show at Cholwell in Devon. Hannah had only briefly met Victoria once before the class, but she did a fine job and enjoyed every moment - can't wait for her next show now.
Meanwhile, in the Adult Handler class, a certain 'novice' gentleman entered into the fun spirit of the day with Tawna Nutkin!
Nutkin's stablemate, Tawna Moonshine, was the ultimate show champion for his proud owner Pam Tabb.

With a surplus of 'V' line ponies at the stud
Fairy Vow is entered for Reading.
 News from Carrie Cozens.
Today was Mabel's chance to make her debut in the ring after sitting so nicely at many many shows while mummy is busy.
We had 3rd in the cutest combination and 3rd in the fancy dress. Even if in the fancy dress it is more fun to sit on the floor
and make sand castles!!! Thank you to Micky, Jane, Sarah and Ellie for helping make this happen and everyone else's support,
one very proud mummy. C.C.



Some cracking good ponies entered in Reading by the BUXTED STUD. Their ponies have been successful sold to studs
 and showing homes, helping to make BUXTED one of the UK's top studs

Buxted Trojan 41" piebald standard 3yo has just passed his VVE Very successful in the show ring many wins / Junior Champions by Buxted Excel out of Cranford Trifle both multichamps themselves , only for sale as have too many stallions Buxted Mistletoe 3yo standard black filly by multichampion parents, sire Waulkmill Red Ace , dam Somahouse Mist
Buxted Roweena 7 yo mare by multichampion sire Buxted Victory and out of Buxted Rebecca ex Rosearies of Transy had a super Colt a couple of years ago 2018 foal Buxted Mr Nice Guy bright bay standard Colt from multichampion parents , sire Buxted Daniel dam Somahouse Mist
2018 black standard filly foal by multi champ sire Waulkmill Red Ace and out of Rushetts Hilight who has produced so many great foals


Sunshine Tour Championships at Hickstead last Saturday, Coedpoeth Jennifer ridden by Sophie Maxwell was Champion of a big class of Lead Rein Veterans. She  went on to become Reserve Supreme Champion of the 5  Veteran classes thereby qualifying  for the Super Supreme Champs at the end of the day.  So we were very proud of her as she was the only Shetland qualifying and 6 year old Sophie by far the youngest!  

latest from Thimbleby and Shorland...................... Entries 180 and may yet hit 200


 Autumn Show
7th of October
Sparsholt College

Westley Lane

SO21 2NF

Schedule                           Entry form


Judge Mr D Sykes 

Shawdene Ice Cream  3YRS.   Mrs G Mather
2/3YRS C/F/G  Reserve Junior Champion 
Shawdene Jonquil~ 2/3YRS C/F/G  
1st/Junior Champion/ Res Overall mini Champion 
Shawdene Aeriel 1st stallion ~
+ overall Miniature Champion 

Editor says.....HAPPY TO LET Lorna Jamieson announce her show successes. She's a friend of long standing, and while she loves her showing, she loves her ponies more.

Lignite Island Breeze has been to eight shows since the beginning of May - culminating in Bowes on Saturday, and I am delighted that she has  won her yearling class on each occasion and has also had 10 Junior Championships, as well as other accolades. What makes me so pleased  is that her Sire is the product of my very first foal (21) and as well as that her gggd (32) and ggd (26)  are all still happily retired with me - My hope more than anything  for Breeze  is that she too will have a long, healthy and happy life. 

Cliff and Jackie Percy's Merrylees Nuggett’s travelled nearly 400 miles, Saturday at usk nr Monmouthshire in typical welsh weather, rain, Nuggett won a strong four years & over Miniature shetland class and a few hours they headed in the opposite direction, down the M25 to the Downs group show, Surrey, where the sun was shining. Still full of running Nuggett put his best hoof forward to win the Miniature Championship.

After much swearing some pics of 'Wonder Foal' lol, and his mum !
Milday Popstir won the mare class, was Reserve Senior Champion and Champion Brood Mare.
The foal , Padbrook Matisse was Best Mini and Champion Foal !!
He was so well behaved and made everyone laugh ...not bad at 4.5 months !!
It was such a super day. Melody x

N.Ireland Group Show.
In the meantime........ l-r. Some youngsters attending. Judges, Sue Pye and Ian Spence, joining in the fun with a 'judge's challenge Puissance.

N.I.Shetland Pony Group

The Group held its annual show on Saturday, 8 September 2018. For a small Group the entries were good. The committee were delighted to welcome Ian Spence to judge the SPSBS affiliated classes and Sue Pye who took care of the unaffiliated classes. The judges certainly embraced the show’s fun-factor & willingly got involved in the puissance section by competing in a ‘Judges Jump Off’.

Thanks to our judges, steward, competitors, spectators and everyone who contributed to the success of the show.....it was a great day!!   

Principal Results

Junior Champion              Ronelle Indigoe Rose                      Katie Bell

Reserve Junior                  Ronelle Santana                                Sharon Cumberland


Senior Champion              Beltoy Roseaisla                                Jamie Bell

Reserve Senior                  Wikners Gryffindor                         Tony Bell


Ridden Champion            Barns Rosanna                                  Max McDonnell

Reserve Ridden                Glenlough Persuasion                    Amelia Wheeler

Supreme Champion        Beltoy Roseaisla

Reserve Supreme            Barns Rosanna   

 Barns Rosanna

Beltoy Roseaisla

 Glenlough Persuasion  

Ronelle Indigoe Rose

Wikners Gryffindor

Ronelle Santana

The Downs Group Summer Show.
Judges: Mr & Mrs Tindale.
left~Cranford Fantasia 4 yrs mare. 1st intermediate, standard champion and Supreme Champion. K Whitmee
right, Cr. Fiddledydee Reserve standard champion. David Buck
Below left, Cr. Hector, Florence Taylor Ridden and Reserve Supreme
Below, Buxted Exclusive, jun standard Ch & Res standard, S Greene
below right 2 year old Fairy Gift res mini jun ch. De la Warr




I dont like getting my picture taken but theres a story to this one. Many thanks to Equinepix Photography for the picture which was taken at the breed show in Malvern a few weeks ago. As you can see both Bambie and I are a bit wet to say the least. This was the yearling class that we entered and the first time out for Bambie and also a long trip for both of us as it was 360 miles to get to the show.

A very well known stud asked me how we did and i told her what we got and mentioned that i was last in a certain class, she said you couldn't have been as she was last i said no we were last, anyway to cut a long story short we both laughed about the fact that we were arguing over who was last, as it happens we were both last but in different classes. In this picture you can see us standing in 8th place out of 8 ponies and do you know what i am as proud of this little pony as if she had taken 1st. I patted her on the shoulder and said well done that was a great effort for your first time but next time we'll see if we can beat it so watch this space. I love this little girl.

Editor says................

I PICKED THIS up on facebook and printed it here. Oh if only there was more of this attitude. Not only is it 'well said' he obviously genuinely means it. Looks like a good pony to me, but more importantly, he's happy to take it home having had a great time.

Subscribers ie those who have a link on Shetland-pony.com . If you send me your 2018 results in a list IN THIS FORMAT ONLY below, I will publish them indicated by a ‘red star’ next to your stud button . Similarly, if you have foals for sale, I will indicate this with a blue star. 

NAME OF PONY            AGE             SHOW                CLASS                    PLACED                      JUDGE

BO BO                                3              BEDLAM         2/3 YRS filly              1st /Jun ch                J Bloggs

Noddy                                 4            x GROUP          GELDING                   2nd                            V Keen

And so on. You may put on as many or as few as you wish or have attended. IT’S NOT A COMPETITION but a record that will promote your ponies.


East Anglian Shetland Pony Group  Performance Show 

Sunday 23rd September 2018

  World Horse Welfare, Anne Colvin House,  Snetterton,  Norfolk,  NR16 2LR

Affiliated to the Shetland pony Stud Book Society. 

Rosettes all the way down the line!!!

Lots of perpetual salver, trophies and cups up for grabs. Open to members and non - members. Pre Entries by 14 th September    Entries taken on the day.  

S.P.S.B.S Ridden Judge: Miss Jane Paterson S.P.S.B.S In hand Judge: Mr L Gregory Driving Judge: Mr J Cowels 

Enquiries to: Miss Jenna Land,   14 Alford Grove, Norwich, NR7 8XB 01603 788 144 

 OR                                               Mr Alan Bromwich Walnut Tree Cottage, Chapel Lane,  Somersham, IP8 4QE 01473 832 900


Lakehead Merianne Reserve Light Horse Champion at Kingsbridge show

Yearling 'Ronelle Harmony' was guest of honour at her new owners wedding yesterday.


In another county, far far away at a very wet Edenbridge and Oxted Show.
Fairy Ianthe and Fairy Retinue put up with the wet to win.

Nps Area 4, Tockwith. Judge : David Hodge. Managed to stay dry which was a bonus. Champion: Holmhill Virginia - Gary Snaith. Reserve : Acresdale Major Laser - Claire Connor (we think ) pic of H.Virginia

Cerrigydrudion Show 1st September 2018 
Judge Mrs D Tindale
Champion Robins Brae Ronaldo – Emma Elliott
Reserve Champion Pankymoor Ember – Nina Andersen Smith
Junior Champion Isle of Mona Freyer – Jones and Young
Junior Reserve Champion Isle of Mona Sherry – Jones and Young
Best Foal – Isle of Mona Sherry – Jones and Young

Results/reports as sent in above, by the likes of Frances Morkhill

are appreciated, ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY DO NOT FIGURE and are motivated by

the common good. Makes me view their results/pics very favourably !

BREED SHOW NEWS as it comes in.
Can't overstate the fantastic achievement of Su Woodcock as Supreme champion
at this year's Society Breed Show. I don't think that's been done before, and to do it with
a mini, shows how far the previously oft derided minis have come. Well done Su, and Frank and Carol Hodder
taking reserve Supreme, with another mini.

2018 Breed Show Supreme Champion
Foldhouse Little Lord Valentine and Su Woodcock

Reserve Supreme. Eiger Oliver.
Miniature Stallion. F Hodder Esq.


Jill Jones' Kingswood Royal Arwen, purchased last year from Delia Woodley , this beautiful young mare won a very strong mare class, was overall Yeld mare , senior champion and went on to overall ring champion in the black ring. Exhibited by Pauline Hopkins.

Dryfesdale Divine  best yeld mare, best  exhibitor bred,  senior 
and overall champion in the coloured section.
She is full sister to Dictator on for sale page.
gh says.......... here's an opportunity!

 Snelsmore Spectre  Jun champion Snelsmore Sienna. Res jun ch Snelsmore Uno 1st yling colt Snelsmore Ulyana. 1st yling  filly
There is always something very special about the Society Breed show, this year the weather was against us all. Many thanks to the organisers for a lovely day, despite the rain, like true professionals they all stuck to their task with a smile, to make the show a great success. We had a fantastic day so proud of our young ponies receiving four wins, Junior Championship for Snelsmore Spectre and Reserve Junior Championship for Snelsmore Sienna. Worth the soaking!! J.P.

Sian Greene's Buxted Discovery, 1st in stallion class standard, coloured ring Alison Bromwich's Waulkmill Redstart won the HOYS qualifier.
13 year old Dakota Keys (who has had 'Red' 15 years old on loan
 for the last two seasons, won the HOYS qualifier, 
NPS junior ridden and open workers going 
ridden champion and amongst other lovely prizes
 won the Waulkmill Trophy and a lovely saddle pad,
 numnah and girth kindly donated by Zoe Snape
 Lovely show - soaking wet but a great time seeing so many old friends!
Robert Pitcairn's stallion, Eiger Nijinsky took 2nd place out of 13 and stood next to Eiger Oliver.

Coryhill Lord Louis showed what a star he is by winning the First Ridden, qualifying for the NPS Champs at Malvern next year in both the Novice First Ridden National Championship and Claudie Groves also qualified for the Young Rider Championship.
They then went on to come 2nd in the Novice Working Hunter Pony. S.G.

Sharptor silver skyline 1st leading rein and reserve ridden champion. Ridden by Ruby Lawrence . 


 what an incredible sight the progeny group class was at the Breed
Show with a ring full of quality ponies, I know that quite a few people
found it an emotional part of the day. We put our little group together with
geldings Parlington Zorro (2nd in the gelding class) owned by Ron and
Dorothy Roberts who now live in Suffolk and Parlington Cupid (3rd and best
junior in the gelding class) owned by Fiona Messer from Essex and our own
Parlington Zofia who was 2nd in the junior yeld mare class earlier on. The
three ponies had never been practiced together so we were thrilled when they
went so beautifully  with last minute instructions from Wilf and we were all
delighted when they were pulled in 2nd amongst so many lovely standard
ponies. Another proud moment for us was when Parlngton Delilah won the 2 yr
old filly class for her owners Clare and Chris Boardman.
Congratulations to all participants, winners, judges, stewards organisers
and spectators for braving the elements, it was lovely to meet up with old
friends we must all be bonkers but really enjoyed ourselves. D.J. 

SHARPTOR BRED PONIES figure well in the breed show results
Black Ring. 1st Foal - Ladbury foal - Sharptor Predator x Lakehead Esmerelda - Mr & Mrs Griffiths. 1st Yearling filly - Carmilo Temptation - Hero of Crafton x Sharptor Bedazzled - Frankie Currell 1st 2& 3 Year old colt - Acresdale Major Laser - Sharptor Laser Red x Rosevillas Milly - Claire Connor 1st 3 year old filly - Sharptor Pastiche Coloured Ring 1st 2&3 year old colt - Kilnbrook Isambard - Sharptor Theodore x Bayview Imogen - Catherine Evans

Some news from one of the Breed stalwarts who fly the flag for the breed in Northern Ireland
This year we haven't shown the shetlands very much as I have had a lot of judging appointments only two of them have graced the showing circuit Gryffindor and Roseaisla. However Gryffindor was the champion on all three occasions and Roseaisla was only out twice winning her class each time and Reserve Champion once.

Wessex Shetland Pony Group Summer Show – Sunday 19th August

Following the disappointment in March of this year when we had to cancel the Spring show due to the snow, we were blessed with sun and good weather for the Summer show and also a phenomenal amount of entries, probably our best yet for the Summer. We would like to thank everyone who supported us and the show, some exhibitors travelling a very long way and thank you to our helpers, much appreciated.  The Young Handler and Ridden classes were very well supported, both the Junior and Senior Young Handlers are always so competitive it is nice to see them all, in the Senior class the judge said that she was very impressed with every single one of them and it was extremely hard to separate them, adding that some of the adults could learn a thing or two from them! So well done our young handlers. Sisters Rebecca and Bethany Sartin took the ridden Championships, so how much competitiveness in their family!

The Supreme Champion came from the Ridden classes and the Reserve from the Miniature ring. We would like to thank all of the sponsors who kindly supported this show, sponsoring classes and special rosettes. Our next show is on Sunday October 28th 2018.

Miniature Junior Champion: Shangrila Dylan
Reserve Miniature Junior Champion: Shawdene Bouloux Ice Cream - Mrs G Mather

Miniature Senior Champion: Kerswell Mr Red - Mrs T WaterhouseReserve Miniature Senior Champion: Eiger Jupiter – Mrs D Gerring

Overall Miniature Ring Champion: Shangrila Dylan Reserve Overall Miniature Ring Champion: Kerswell Mr Red

Standard Junior Champion: Westbridgepark Malibu - Mr & Mrs J Chapple
Reserve Standard Junior Champion: Kassalic Ariara - Mrs B Wills

Standard Senior Champion: Sedgehill Olivia - Bella Bride
Reserve Standard Senior Champion: Bremimi Spangle – Mrs E Lister

Overall Standard Ring Champion: Sedgehill Olivia
Reserve Overall Standard Ring Champion: Westbridgepark Malibu

Ridden Champion: Rebecca Sartin riding Kilshane Almond
Reserve Ridden Champion: Bethany Sartin riding Bluebells Truffle

Supreme Champion: Rebecca Sartin riding Kilshane Almond
Reserve Supreme Champion: Mrs T Waterhouse with Shangrila Dylan

      Young handlers at Wessex Show

Merioneth County Show 22nd August 2018 
Judge Mrs Cozens
Champion Robins Brae Ronaldo – Emma Elliott
Reserve Champion Brewards Ellie – Nina Andersen Smith
Junior Champion Brewards Ellie – Nina Andersen Smith
Junior Reserve Ch. Isle of Mona Sherry – Jones and Young

Here pictured above is Daisy Wells on her beloved midi pony Cr Beckham
at the South Brockwell charity show [RDA] 19th August. With
Chiddingly show folding after more than 60 years, this could well
fill the void. This duo won the most points on the day and their
fancy dress was by all accounts  'a tour de force'

A lot of you have continued kindly to enquire after my health and add, 'hope you can get to the breed show, looking forward to seeing you'  and similar. On the health front, I want to put it behind me and carry on getting better, which i am. Besides that, I'm bored with it or rather, bored with talking about it! Sadly not long out of hospital when the entries closed for the breed show, despite having booked hotel months ago, I could not be sure I'd be well enough come the date. I cancelled the hotel and did not enter as I did not want to lose the entry fee money, stabling etc. However, we have sponsored the ridden ring so I guess we've made our contribution and hope those of you who are going have a good time, and remember, it's about so much more than being placed. Good luck. Gerry Hart. If I'm well enough, we will snivel along to Edenbridge, they'll be pleased for the support, and hey, if I'm not up to it, it's only twenty quid!

Wessex Shetland Group show on sunday. 
WESTBRIDGEPARK MALIBU 1ST Yearling class &Junior Champion & 
overall Reserve  Standard Champion. WESTBRIDGEPARK JACK DANIELS 
1ST 2year old class & 1ST Ownerbred & Best Gelding. 

Central Scotland Shetland Pony Group held our Summer Show at Howe Equestrian. Above left, is the Champion Handled by Amy Hogg.  Above right is The Reserve Champ. Show Judges, Tony Bell Esq and Zoe Bell.  FULL RESULTS

The 27th Viking Shetland Pony Show was held on Sunday 18th August at the Cunningsburgh show field, which proved to be an excellent venue for a third year.  The weather was particularly kind with a strong sun and gentle breeze.  With the Shetland Pony Breed Show coming to Shetland in 2019, it was great to see high quality ponies being turned out across the three rings.   Guy Hurst was judging in the standard ring, with David Hodge in the miniature ring.  Meanwhile, Rowena Proven judged the performance ring.  The three judges then came together to judge the Supreme Championship, where they chose the Merkisayre Stud’s home bred standard chestnut stallion, Merkisayre Kelvin.  The Reserve Supreme went to Clothie Night Lightning, a black gelding bred by the Clothie Stud, Aberdeenshire and ridden by Emily Laurenson.  The committee would like to thank Helen Budge for the use of the P.A. system; Joanna Sandison for making the lunch for the judges and stewards and the Rendall family for all their help setting up and dismantling the show field.  A huge thank you to the hard working ring and gate stewards: Abigail Robertson, Melanie Henderson, Melody Goodlad, Susan Goodlad, Leighton Anderson, Rory Goodlad and Valila Stevenson.  Thank you to our sponsors for continuing to support our show: Harbro, A. Jarmson, Steve Rendall and Anderson & Co. A special mention has to go to Helen Thomson, as without all her hard work and dedication, the show would not have gone on.

Full results


A fantastic, fun-filled day at Tarrant Gunville Show for Claudie Groves.

A 1st in the Child Handler and Claudie and Trooper won back the cup they won last year. A 2nd in the First Ridden and a 2nd in the Handy Hunter course followed by a 5th in the 12 and under jumping out of 25

A 5th in Best Rider on Hippo after a jockey malfunction and a wrong leg. Then they jumped a fantastic clear round after Claudie lost her complete stirrup leather on landing after the first fence! 

Star of the day in our eyes was the very handsome Coryhill Lord Louis who jumped 2 beautiful clears in the 10 and under jumping coming 3rd out of 29! His first ever course of showjumps and he flew and never looked at any fillers nor the wall. Superstar.

Back home, Jakey bathed and time to do it all again tomorrow. S.G.


Here's Mali Jones. Her mum, Martine says 'you've got to love a Shetland'.

Mali Jones' pony taking advantage of her seeing a headrest possibility, and having 40 winks.

Mali and Kenvig Kiss Me Kate won 3rd in the young handlers class and a haul of rosettes for the novelty classes at Bedwelty show today


A very happy Ali Lynch pictured with Isle of Mona Heidi.  On only her third outing showing Heidi won her class, and was then Standard Champion, Senior Champion and Overall Shetland Champion at Fillongley Show on 13th August.  The judge was Lionel Gregory.  The smile on Ali’s face says it all!
Anglesey County Show 15th August 2018
Judge Mr R N Jones
Standard Champion Serenteifi Rhodri Emlyn – Miss F Morkill (Photo above)
Standard Reserve Champion Isle of Mona Freyer – Jones and Young
Standard Junior Champion Isle of Mona Freyer – Jones and Young
Standard Reserve Junior Isle of Mona Sherry – Jones and Young

Dalston show last Saturday. Eileen Carlyle's home bred Dryfesdale Divine  reserve standard champion and overall reserve champion. 
Her full sister Dryfesdale Dekarina overall best foal. 

Here are the consistent HOYS qualifying combo of Bea Shepherd and Carmillo Magician. Aesthetically, the pairing perhaps no longer as beautiful as once was, but Magician clears the fences with Bea with as much ease as years ago. We wish them well come HOYS. They won the 122cm Hoys workers at Stoneleigh and stood reserve champion. GH says....... HOYS workers, go clear, hard enough, and do a decent individual show and you swerve the vagaries and preferences of judges' opinion in flat classes.

I really don't know why people bother chasing around the country after a HOYS ticket. It seems to me the fun and the huge classes are to be found at EQUIFEST where plenty who have qualified for HOYS are competing. Mostly the ridden natives where Shetland ponies are concerned are in with Dartmoors and Exmoors, so when you consider many classes have 20 plus in them, these results are pretty good. Florence Taylor, Cr Hector, now 19years, pic above.................
1st in FR Veteran M&M Native, 2nd in Veteran LR & FR Pony Championship in Evening Performance, 8th Restricted M&M Small Breeds FR, Finalist in Equifest M&M FR Small Breeds.As for Lucie and Fiddle, went well, in huge classes mixed breeds often 20 plus, just outside the ribbons, but she had a great time and that's what's most important. Looking a bit fed up 'keeping herself clean' waiting her turn.

A great time for the Shetlands at Showcase of Champions show held at Keysoe Equestrian centre on the 21st July. 
Miniature Shetland Champion, Reserve Middle & Heavyweight Miniature Horse Champion and Supreme Shetland pony in the evening for Snelsmore Lily, judges Miss J Patterson & Mr J Mills. Lily and I just loves these sorts of occasions a good excuse to dress up. 
Snelsmore Spectre, Junior Champion and Overall Youngstock Champion. But it was Snelsmore Sundance’s day to really shine. 
Champion Middle & Heavyweight Miniature Horse, and in the Ultimate showcase of Champions in the evening Cliffs and Sundance were awarded third place, against twenty-six beautiful horses and ponies of all breeds who all had to qualify under a panel of judges in the afternoon. 
It was also a day to remember for Louise Colwells and Caerneuadd Lewis, pic above right, Reserve Supreme Shetland and Supreme Maxi Horse. J.P.

LOTUSPOINT CASSIUS, SUPREME CHAMPION OF EQUIFEST SHOW . Novice supreme, M&M supreme and supreme of Show. Cassius was ridden by Olivia Brightmore. Great result for all connections and for the Shetland breed and a nice accolade to the late John Hodgson and his widow, Christine, who bred him.

The stunning Merkisayre Brainstorm went standard Shetland Champion today. at EQUIFEST
One last evening performance for him then home for a well earned rest. SCB

Dalston Show. Eiger Nijinsky winning his 7th champion ship out of his 7th show.The judge today was Kenny Adams.The Nicholson family was standard champion with their yeld mare Berrymoor Bramble.

Herewith pictured above, the Shetland pony legend, MAURICE ARDEN and his partner SHIRLEY NADINE of the Claylands stud. Maurice decided when he was 82 to take up driving. At his first show last year, a large horse behind them, some what out of control frightened his pony with the result, Maurice was thrown from his vehicle, landing in a barbed wire fence injuring his shoulder, something that would have made a lot of people half his age think twice about continuing. Not Maurice. He had the homebred Dabill of the Highlands, professionally broken last autumn by Chris Ainscough of Wigan. with the awful winter stopping practice, they resumed driving in May this year, and appreciate the help and guidance from friends Sue and Carl Woodcock. Maurice concedes he is a novice, but he has the backing of Shirley who is his 'groom'. Besides, sitting at home doing nothing is not for him. Undaunted by his experience last year, he returned to the show where he had been thrown and drove in a mixed class, had a wonderful day and returned home happy and unscathed.

He may be 84, but Maurice is a perfectionist as is Shirley. They will become very proficient before they've done. GH

13-18years young handler. Equifest 2018. 1st place of 16 forward, Emily Mayfield age 13 yrs.

Sara Hird's Cr Fireman, 3 year old gelding, continues his run of success, winning the Shetland 2-3 year old gelding or filly class at Equifest under judge Linzi Cave.


Zennor Silver Shadow owned by Mr & Mrs Cosgrove as he won the NPS Highbrook Stud M&M in hand 4 year old and over small breeds at the NPS Summer Championship show and went on to take the res overall champion. A great achievement for a Shetland I think amongst the other breeds. MM

Sedgefield show. Addingham Gabi, PICTURED. 1st yearling, junior champion, reserve standard champion and reserve overall champion. Blackertor Panache and Vicky Howard won 4 and over geld mare and coloured class and were standard and overall champion.


Equifest...... and someone asked me why Jack isn't riding Shetlands
anymore? Jack on left.
Florence Taylor on winning veteran Cr Hector. Unplaced here in the veteran winners evening performance, but Florence really enjoyed the experience.

MERKISAYRE BRAINSTORM at Eastern Miniatures. Winning his Shetland class, going champion, supreme champion and then competing against some beautiful ponies to win the supreme of supremes. Could not be more proud of him today. Thank you S-j Dolby at Tack and Turnout for all your support and thank you Hannah Cook for putting on a lovely show. We had a great time.

Lunch Guests !
Enigma Solar and Magician, golden dun geldings enjoying  an al fresco lunch with their owners.



                  with kind permision of GORDEN & BELINDA JACQUES



 Main Sponsor INDOOR CARRIAGE DRIVING UK For Ring Champions and Supreme Of Show
+ Rosettes to 6th place, Society Rosettes in both rings


4th SEPTEMBER 2018

Show Organisers : Jill & Roger Jones, Janice Dunkley

Tel: 01323 763405 Mobile Show Day Only 07976797646)

E-mail thedownsshetlandponygroup@yahoo.co.uk

Entries Secretary  Mrs Janice Dunkley

c/o Broadlands Farm Rickney Road Hankham East Sussex BN24 5BH

schedule/entry form

Samantha Davies and Cr Airfrost, sidesaddle with IMOGEN piloting.

Love this breeding combo, so have covered 4 mares again with Debbie Barr's 'Sir Galahad' on Daughters or grand daughters of Isle of Mona Fringe, Airfrost's dam, not done it since Airfrost so hoping for some lovely greys with fab temperaments next spring.

Perhaps we are all a little to keen to publicise our successes, as though that was the only thing relevant. HOW refreshing this report by the DRUMNAGAIR STUD on he Turiff show. fb. Not only do they declare they were unplaced (must've been some really good ponies in the class, they congratulate the winners! Well done them. GH

"Results from Turriff Show with really big, strong classes.
Brood Mares Westpark Elsa Jane & Westpark Lady Esta were unplaced. Their foals, Drumnagair Eclipse & Drumnagair Ebony were moved up the line to 4th & 5th place.
Yeld mare Thordale Lyra was unplaced but Lyradale Daisy Duke was initially pulled in 2nd place and then moved to take 3rd in a huge mare class. (18 in the catalogue). ...
Thanks to Turriff for a wonderful show and congratulations to Transy & Wells Studs.
We had a brilliant team of helpers so huge thanks must go to Lisa & Bettina who were super stars." Pictured is Judy with Thordale Lyra & myself with Lyradale Daisy Duke

I am recovering slowly, slower than I'd like, but I'm well enough to carry on with Shetland-pony.com. Keep me out of mischief! Those who know me will know I’m not one who is scared to ‘hand the baton on’. I did it with the south east group, would have handed over the sussex show, had I been able to find someone to do it. Handed over the awards in hand showing scheme to the society, and other ideas that have improved the lot of owners and breeders. Similarly, with Shetland-pony.com, I will not linger, in due course it will need a new webmaster. Obvious technical ability required with a PC, BUT NOT ADVANCED LEVEL! News reporting of the doings, primarily of subscribers, in an even handed manner, integrity a must. The site still sells more ponies than any other social media, it’s where buyers look if they want to buy a pony and adverts stay for up to 6 months unless they are sold before. This next year, subscribers will be allowed two ‘one photo’ adverts free of charge. A huge success this last Aug – july period, but four was a tad ‘over generous’! Non subscribers may use the for sale page at usual rates. You may have a foal or two you wish to sell.  I will do a separate ‘foals for sale page’.

So, subscriptions are now due for August 1st – july 31st payment cost as per last year. If unsure please contact me. Payment preferably by paypal, send money to gerry@showpony.com ‘friends and family’ adding your stud name in the message section as ref. Or by bank transfer 20-49-76 acc 70335797 again, your stud name as ref.

Onwards and upwards. Xx Gerry


Miniature Champion Cliff Percy and Reserve G Smith at the recent Shetland Performance Show.

Result from Kent...

Sian Greene's Buxted Discovery 1st 4 and over, Standard champion, and then Supreme champion. 

Was so nice to fly the  Shetland flag in the Cuddy

Kingswood Arwen, owned by J Jones and shown here by SIAN GREEN,
Champion at the last PARKLANDS SHOW.

Sarah Hird's, Cranford Fireman, 3 y/old gelding, Junior Ch at Performance show. Shown here by Debbie Spears

We had a wonderful day at a very hot Fettercairn Show today! Brood mare Westpark Elsa Jane 1st. Filly Foal Drumnagair Ebony 1st and Best Foal. Yeld Mare Thordale Lyra 1st and Reserve Champion. 2 year old Colt Stow Manifesto 1st and Overall Champion. Thank you Fettercairn for a lovely show and congratulations to all the other prize winners.

Lucie Dale and 'Fiddledydee' Had a very busy show, and lots of fun.

Florence Taylor and Cr Hector having a great time at the Performance Show.



Robert Shearer Pitcairn

The road trip to the North of England shetland show turned out a good day with Eiger Nijinsky 7yr old stallion for the second week 1st stallion and champion miniature and going on to be reserve senior champion.

Followed up the following weekend at Skelton show. This was their first time at this show. Eiger Nijinsky was first stallion and champion.



LANCHESTER SHOW. Judge: Karen Nixon

Quakers Parsley 1st in mixed stallion class, reserve champion and best miniature. His rising 2yo son, Loutin white Feather Copacabana ‘Rio’ first in a mixed youngstock class.His rising 2yo son, Loutin white Feather Copacabana ‘Rio’ first in a mixed youngstock class

  Shazan Gennafino by Ctanford Ready Teddy Go and Edern Edwen.won the mares class at Horse shoe Farm and the Mares class at Eastern Miniatures so far this season.owned by Mrs June Hall and shown by Mrs Jo Jacketts. J.J

Cranford Freddie's driving shows so far this season

2nd under 13.2 and winner of Concours d'Elegance Heathfield Show

2nd under 13.2 and winner of Concours d'Elegance ( The Ascot Trophy) South of England Show

1st under 13.2 Hickstead Derby Meeting

1st Mountain and Moorland, 1st Country Vehicle (under 13.2) (he came home with three trophies) British Driving Annual Show Smith's Lawn.

As you can imagine I am so pleased with him, he is quite the little super star, he surprises many with his natural forward going paces, it must be the bloodlines! We are thrilled with how well he has done so far. I will forward some photos, the one with the trophies on the carriage are from the BDS show. The other photo is from 1st Class Images. The photo with the painted carriage and black harness is Heathfield Show by Paul Orchard. PW

Royal Highland Show 
Champion Shetland: STOW PREFECT. R Swan

Cassindilly Joules, 6 year old mare
1st Prize Yeld Mare and Reserve Female Champion at the Royal Highland Show

Robin's Brae Viking 1st yearling class Royal Highland Show 2018  Owned by Lynda Cochrane / Abbeygreen Shetlands MINI RESULTS    ARE 2018 NOT 2016 ! L.C.

Southern Shetland pony Group ~ Summer show     
15th of July   *New Venue*
Shedfield Equestrian Centre

Botley Rd,
SO32 2HN

Schedule                           Entry form

More on the SWSPG and NPA shows
I don't recall that this home-bred 12 year old mare Tawna Charisma [above left] has been to more than three shows in her life, including as a foal,  so it was a tremendous thrill for us when under judge Mr T Jones she won a good yeld mare class (with Toby Bull's Tawna Izzy Wizzy standing in second place), followed by Miniature Senior Champion, Miniature Champion and Reserve Supreme.
In addition, our brood mare Tawna Tia Maria, and her foal Tawna Patrick (remember the photo of them on this page when he was a new-born in the snow back in March?) both won first prizes. FH 

Fiona Lawrence's yearling gelding Helawi William Tell [above right]was, 1st mini yearling at the NPA show, 1st mini yearling at the SWSPG show, best mini gelding and reserve overall gelding, not bad for a yearling and only his third show. F.L.

South West Shetland pony group show.

Lakehead Maibelline won Supreme Champion.

South West Shetland pony group show. Lakehead Maibelline won Supreme Champion.

Super , hot and sunny day at SWSPG Summer show and the adjacent NPA show
Alan Davies's [pic right] Halstock Serenade won the 2 yr old class and went on to be Reserve Junior Champion , so pleased with how she’s progressing
And Halstock Cassandra was 2nd in the NPA class and went reserve champion !
Thanks to Julian Walters and David Hodge for organizing a great day ! A.D.

Kerswell Montgomery

Royal highland Show.

We were so pleased at not only taking Miniature Champion but going onto to take Overall Reserve Native Breed to the Clydesdale for the Sanderson Trophy and actually winning our own Trophy that we donated to the show as well. There has never been a section for Miniature Shetlands as they were shown alongside the standards and if you won you got a 1st ticket but now we have a whole section that gives the minis some recognition and the Alichbrae Miniature Champions Trophy is now in place for the future, Kerswell Montgomery in our mind is a fine example of what we are all aiming to breed so good on Jane and Tony Dennis for  breeding such a quality little man.

Stevie McKay 

Disappointing entry at the NPS Area 20 show on 23rd June at Ardingly, however there were nice ponies entered, and Mrs G Cowell had Cliff Percy's piebald mini colt, Snelsmore Spectre, champion and Sian Green's stallion, Buxted Discovery, beautifully turned out, Reserve. Spectre went on to be res, res Supreme in hand. Wowsers.

Milday Stud by John Lawrie. Royal Highland Show

Milday Savanah Rose 1st In the 2/3 yr old class then took
Junior champion and Reserve Female


Dougie Robertson, 1st prize in the Driving Exercise Vehicle class out of 6 competitors at the Highland Show.

Snelsmore Sienna, First place in a very strong miniature

shetland, three years & under class at Three counties

Agricultural show.


Blaenavon show. Homebred yearling filly Bontnewydd Bramble won the yearling class and junior reserve champion at. Mali did well also, winning SPSBS young handler with her pony Kenvig Kiss Me Kate at the same show M.J.


Royal Three Counties Show on Friday 15th June.


Mr+ Mrs F Hodder's Eiger Oliver – 1st Miniature Stallion and Miniature Champion

We have had an amazing day today. Firstly thank you so very much to Sue Pye and Ian Spence and Sue's mum and dad for all your hard work.
Emily and Grace were 1st miniature yeld mare 2nd in broken coloured miniature. Then went overall Miniature ring champion. Also Emily won her 13yrs-16years young handler with Beeftub Bell Emileo and then went Res Champion overall young handler. Beltoy Stelreine was 2nd in Black brood mare and our foal Skyelands Prince Rupert was 3rd and had lovely positive comments from the judge Mr J Harrison. Rupert went really well and did his show all by himself. Belle was 2nd in coloured yeld mare.
Congratulations to Ellie Simmonds and Mel who won and went on to be Res. SUPREME Champion with Birchmoor Samara.  L.M.

Timberland Dynasty

Blaenavon 50th annual horse show today, with the new added affiliated Shetland classes under

Judge: Mr Charles Seward. Timberland Dynasty won the miniature Shetland 4 years old

 barren mare and gelding class  Reserve Miniature Champion.

Kerswell Malibu won the miniature 2/3 year old class

Junior Championship

Miniature Championship

Overall Supreme Championship 

Kerswell Malibu

Sally Ann Dale has gotta be doing something right. At the South E welsh pony and cob assn show at Gt Bookham, Champion and Reserve with Shetland ponies Cr. Fiddledydee annd Cr Hector ridden by Lucie Dale and Florence Taylor respectively.


Phil Tindale at Red Rose Show, first time at this show and the first time in years since I showed my own ponies, with Quakers Parsley in the stallion class and Loutin White Feather Kismet in the 2/3yo class.
Kismet 2nd in a class of 3 and behaved really well at her first show even more so as she has never been away from home, and she’s a cremello!!
Parsley came 2nd also in a strong class of mini stallions, and again was as good as gold albeit noisy at times.
Hopefully the start of a few shows this season, I’m now wiped out and ready for a week at work recovering. PT


There's so much more to this showing malarky. There's leading your clean shiny pony to the horse trailer, loading it up by yourself, then it's showtime! Imogen Davies and her trusty steed, Cr Airfrost at North Yorkshire County Show.

What a day to kick off our show season on the road at 04-30 this morning with the rain pouring down the whole way to Cumberland show. The trip was well worth the early start,Eiger Nijinsky first stallion, miniature champion and reserve supreme. Oxgang Bentley our homebred 3yr old colt was first in his class and junior champion and reserve miniature champion so we had a good day. Would like to thank Jen for showing and for making the early start. R.S.P.  

Royal Cornwall Show, 8th June, Judge Mrs D Randell

Pinglewood Thornton, Bay on the left
1st Miniature 2yr old class, Junior Champion and Overall Miniature Champion + RESERVE SUPREME.
Pansi’s Bounty on the right
1st Miniature Barren Mare, and reserve Overall Champion
Pansi’s Crunchie 1st Miniature Gelding and Overall Miniature Gelding
Kerswell Mr Red 1st Miniature Stallion and Overall Stallion. T.W.

Holmside equestrian.  
Star of the day our Shetland mare Schivas Victoria winning her veteran class and qualifying for the regional finals. She then went supreme in hand champion then went on to take supreme of show. G Snaith

Pinglewood Thornton
He is 2yrs old and was the miniature Champion Shetland
and Res Supreme of the Royal Bath and West Show
1st 2/3yr old class
Junior Champion
Overall Miniature Champion
Res Supreme Champion
Gelding Pansi’s Crunchie won the Gelding class and
was reserve senior Champion
Trudy Waterhouse


Florence Taylor and Cranford Hector, 2nd in M&M

first ridden at South of England show Saturday

9th. Lucie Dale, a creditable 5th in a highly

professional lead rein class with Fiddledydee.

Their trainer, the highly talented Sally Ann Dale

has schooled these ponies to go beautifully

following their career in 'opens'.

The day after at the HEATHFIELD riding Club show, on the ever dependable Hamish, (Hawkdale Klansman),

 first time 'off lead rein' with Lucie Dale.

1st lead rein pony [side saddle], 2nd best rider 12 and under, with Fiddledydee above, 3rd first ridden with

Hamish. Champion and Best turned out Cr Fiddledydee

Aberystwyth and Ceredigion County Show 9th June 2018 Judge  Mrs E Young
Champion Robins Brae Ronaldo – Emma Elliott. Reserve Champion Lathom Jocelyn – Miss F Morkill [above left res and ch]
Junior Champion Ladbury Pretender – Miss F Morkill and Shown by Neil Buffery. Junior Reserve Champion and Best Miniature  Treflys Violet – Elaine Fitzhugh  [above right]


Pictures show. Above left ~ Miniature Champion & Supreme Treetops Minuette four year old piebald mare with foal at foot owned by Caroline Tynan and above right, Champlers Rose Blossom 1st in the standard Mare class and Reserve Standard Champion, owned by Lynda Rowland ~ with judge Steve Rendell all the way from the Shetland Isles.

Lynda Rowlands won the standard mate class with Champlers Rose Blossom. Mandy Sargeant was second with Rose Petal. In the 1/2/3 yr old it was won by Lizzie Deacon with a piebald yearling colt. That went standard champ with Champlers Rose Blossom reserve. In the mini ring a piebald mare with foal Treetops Minuette, Caroline Tynan took the mini champ and then went Supreme.

Miniature stallion class. 1st Shawdene Ariel, Mrs G Mather
Miniature Champion & Supreme 
Treetops Minuette four year old piebald mare with foal at foot owned by Caroline Tynan

Reserve Miniature
Shawdene Ariel, owned by Mrs G Mather
Miniature yearling class. 
1st Snelsmore Ulyana, Mr & Mrs Percy
2nd Mardlebrook Whisper ~ Shawdene stud
Miniature two/three year class. 
1st Snelsmore Sienna, Mr & Mrs Percy
2nd Snelsmore Thumbelina, Mrs G Mather
Miniature stallion class. 
1st Shawdene Ariel, Mrs G Mather
2nd Eiger Oliver, Mr & Mrs Hodder
Miniature mare class.
1st Treetops Minuette, Caroline Tynan
2nd Snelsmore Oasis, Mr & Mrs Percy

Severn Valley WPCA Show 2nd June 2018 Judge Mr R Griffiths
Standard Champion Champlers Mimosa – Jane Smith
Standard Reserve Champion Robins Brae Ronaldo – Emma Elliott
Standard Junior Champion Brewards Ellie – Nina Anderson Smith
Standard Junior Reserve Champion Czar of Catchpool – Laura Butters
Miniature Champion Robins Brae Tilly – Glenn Smith
Miniature Reserve Champion Seva Handalina – Lydia Millichap
Miniature Junior Champion Robins Brae Tilly – Glenn Smith
Miniature Reserve Junior Champion Collytown Jack Sparrow – Mr and Mrs Winton

Stepley, Carmaco & Rosteco Shetland Pony Studs For the first time ever in nearly 30yrs of attending the Royal Bath and West, we took Senior Champion Standard and then Overall Shetland Champion with our 10yr old mare Stepley Candelara. To say we are over the moon is an understatement. Our first time competing in a Cuddy championship too.
Must not forget Stepley Belita belle getting 6th in a strong miniature mare class

Very pleased with todays outing - Reserve Standard Champion today for Rosie - Champlers Rose Blossom at the Royal Bath & West show. Great couple of days catching up with friends. Even the rain helped off till after we loaded for home.

 linda Rowland.

Cranford Vision  at Bsps Area 11
2nd Open Lead Rein.

Well still can't quite believe the wonderful results at the Suffolk Show with the beautiful


Not only was he
Shetland Champion he went against all breeds in the overall mountain and

 Moorland title to stand Reserve Champion overall.

Love this boy to bits. Thank you goes to Holly Bland Lewis Greathead for all your help and

of course to our very supportive

sponsor S-j Dolby of Tack and Turnout , Woodfarm bussiness Park in Stonham


CSSPG Spring Show 2018

Judge:  Mr V. B. Rees and Mrs R. Rees



Championship Results

Overall Supreme Ch: D. Lochtie, Mawcarse Lady Dionne. Reserve Supreme: Alichbrae Shetlands, Alichbrae Cassius  above left and right respectively

Supreme Junior Ch: Mawcarse Shetlands, Mawcarse Joules

Reserve Supreme Jun: M. Johnstone, Milday Morse 

Ridden Ch: Almondell Vulcan, R. Stacy-Marks                  

Reserve Ridden: Harviestoun Rhuri, A. Marshall

Best Gelding: E. Glen, Terregles Sinatra

Kipp Trophy for Off Lead Rein Handy Pony: Not Awarded

CSSPG Junior Shield for most points: Amy Hogg

Champion Young Handler: Anna Marshall



Shropshire County Show 26th May 2018
Judge Mr P Tindale
Standard Champion and Overall Supreme Champion Shetland Robins Brae Ronaldo – Emma Elliott    (Photo CENTRE ABOVE)
Standard Reserve Champion and Overall Reserve Supreme Shetland and Best Gelding Wildways Astonish – Miss F Morkill (Photo ABOVE LEFT)
Standard Junior Champion Brewards Peppermint – Mr & Mrs Gregory
Standard Reserve Junior Champion Blackertor Misty – Rachel Martin
Miniature Champion Gott Mabs – Glenn Smith   ( Photo ABOVE RIGHT)
Miniature Reserve Champion Cherub’s Court Jester – Debbie Davies
Miniature Junior Champion Cherub’s Court Jester – Debbie Davies
Miniature Reserve Junior Champion Libero Anastasia – Debbie Davies


Above  Cr. Fiddledydee and Lucie Dale, winning the l/r on her way to res champion ridden. Above right, Cr Hector and Florence Taylor 2nd in ridden veteran. HUGE horses. Below left Buxted Penny Poppy Mini champion in hand and Buxted Marksman res mini. Reserve ring champion Buxted Exclusive. Bottom left, skewbald.

And in a weekend packed with four shows. NPS Area 20. Buxted Discovery, Res. Champion


Knight of Brygarth


Buxted High Felicity

just two of many smart foals born 2018 from Shetland right down to the south of England

Otley Agriculture Show .

Heritage Grange Stud

The most beautiful sunny day graced us all at Ottley Agriculture Show , took the youngsters & my stallion Parlington Yuri for an outing.
So nice to catch up with so many lovely people , such a warm family Atmosphere.
Wonderful day for ponies & handlers Sarah & Megan had the pleasure of being invited into the main ring parade . 

Heritage Grange Grace
1st yearlings
Junior Champion
Shetland Champion
Winner of the Heathcroft Trophy

Parlington Delilah
1st 2/3 yr olds

Parlington Yuri
1st stallion
Reserve Shetland Champion

Sharptor silver skyline has qualified for the Nps novice lead rein and the open lead rein , with Maisie Wright . And yesterday qualified for the RIHS with Freya Rafferty .. all in her first proper year of Ridden . K.H.

Nps area 24

Cranford Vision Nps Open Lead rein 1st & Champion. He qualified for the Nps Lead rein final & home produced ridden final. L.Ripper.

Devon County .... Cassie (Halstock Casandra ) won the mare class and went on to be Miniature Champion , bless her, she loves a big occasion ! Bubbles was 5th in a strong class and Serenade was 3rd in the 2yr old section only her 3rd ever show!
Big thanks to Julian and David for all their help. A.C.

Just wanted to say, as a man of Sussex, how delighted that HM the Queen, has given the title Duke and Duchess of Sussex to Prince Harry, and in so doing ennobling Meghan Markle his bride. Fantastic day, enjoyed it all, even the swerve toward American culture.

CASPIAN CHARITY SHOW. With so many group shows finishing it was lovely to attend a new friendly well organised show. 
It was an absolute credit to David Wright and his team, they worked hard all day to make sure the show ran smoothly with a great atmosphere. 
All the days proceeds went to The Macmillan Cancer support, pleased to be a part of it. JP
Junior Champion and Miniature Champion, Snelsmore Sienna.
Reserve Miniature Champion, Snelsmore Pavarotti.
Reserve Coloured Champion and Reserve Junior Champion, Barns Ruby & Laura O’Nions

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Royal Windsor Horse Show 2018
Blackertor Red Berry
3 year old filly enjoying her first showing season took the Youngstock Class followed by the Championship and then to seal the day, she raised a royal smile from HM The Queen in the Horse and Hound M&M Supreme In Hand Championship. E.R.

Caspian charity show Judges Sue Pye and Ian Spence 

Champlers Mimosa  1st Standard Mare, Standard Champion, Overall Shetland Champion and Supreme Of Show. J Smith.

Kuckron Clover, Reserve Standard Champion, Reserve Overall Champion


A total of 67 entries took part in glorious weather. Our Judge Mrs. Elaine Lewis was in supreme form and finished the day completely unscathed. In spite of our traditional 10 am. start competitors were arriving before we got there at 8.15 so keen were they. Once again our hard core supporters were there in force and as always seems to be the case a surprising and most welcome number of new faces.

Entry numbers were up from last year which hopefully is a good sign for other shows around the country during 2018.  All in all, a ‘feel good day’ enjoyed by every one. For once I’m not going to single any one out as the results speak for them selves.

 We hope to see you all again in July for our farewell show which is FREE and  PRE ENTRY ONLY as it will be our thank you to you all for your support over the years. Please note class numbers will be limited.

The Parklands Team

pic shows - Supreme show champion Ceann Charm. Owner~Belinda Jacques

Neilston show 5th May 
Abbeygreen Shetland's Foula Uno,  Junior Miniature Champion 
Ardanbeag Shetland's Meechlands Spangle Reserve Junior Miniature Reserve Champion

Other results were 
Jimmy Wilson's  Myreton Dougal, Adult Miniature Champion 
Lesley Prentice's Ardanbeag Jasmin,  Adult Miniature Reserve Champion

Royal Windsor Show and this year we managed to do it! What a beautiful show Threapwood Vela 2nd did us very proud in a mixed Shetland class not quite the judges cup of tea today but gained good placing in a large strong class.

Royal Windsor Show and the racing

 machine AKA Zorro

[Cr. Fantastic] wins his race at Friday's meeting. Daisy Harrap 'up'



Nefyn Show 7th May 2018  Judge Mr T Jones. 
Champion Robins Brae Ronaldo – Emma Faye Elliott    ( above left ) Reserve Champion Lathom Jocelyn – Miss F Morkill. Junior Champion Ladbury Pretender – Miss F Morkill   ( above right) Junior Reserve Champion Camlan Pip – Arthur Jones


Carrie Cozens news
As some are aware I broke my ankle in a freak accident in November but yesterday at the South West shetland pony group show just short of 6 months post fracture I took my niece in to her lead rein class, my aim was 2 weeks time but I managed it earlier and ready for our first county show in 2 weeks time. We were a right pair me with my ankle and Friday night she ended up in A&E with badly bruised Fingers, they are strapped together under modified gloves. 

I’m super proud of her as she did her young handlers class in the morning as well as her ridden in the afternoon


It has been one of the wettest winters on record, those conditions are no excuse for what amounts to neglect with ponies coming through the winter, wrecked. I’m not going to comment on individuals who send ponies to sales in March in poor condition, nor ponies that have been bought back by their breeders, I'll leave that to facebook, not just Shetland ponies. it’s probably the worse time of year for any animal wintering out with little or no keep. I know studs whose grazing has been under feet of water all winter, yet their ponies have been accommodated, one way or another at home where they could be fed and tended. Spring has come and a successful foaling season is underway for them, well deserved.
We have sheep that would ordinarily winter out, so wet has it been here, they definitely would not have survived, for welfare reasons, they have taken up the stabling the ponies and the cobs would have enjoyed. The ponies lived through a bleak winter with no shelter, but they were worm and lice free AND WE FED THEM. I am pleased these ponies at sales have found new homes, and though they would have been cheap, let’s hope the new owners will see they have bargains and with a bit of TLC AND Dr Grass, their new owners will be rewarded with healthy happy ponies which will be a credit to them.


East Anglian Shetland Pony Group Spring Show Sunday 29th April    Results

So we had our first East Anglian Shetland pony group show last weekend of 2018. Oh my it was cold! But our panel judge Mrs Diane Randell and all the exhibitors braved the weather. The classes were still well supported despite losing a few entries due to the weather on Saturday.

We had a good selection of ponies forward in the youngstock, which saw Sally Buckley’s Sharptor Bellevue taking Junior Champion with Nicki Richards and Abbotsbury Bramble Taking the reserve.

We then moved on through the colour classes and senior classes which moved nicely on to the new studbook senior champion which was won by new member Susannah Muir, with Moonpenny Macavity owned and bred by Mrs M Bryant, Macavity also had gained overall best Gelding earlier in the day. The reserve senior champion was snapped up by Sally Buckley with Giersberg Justify.

We then moved straight on to the standard championship before we all turned in to ice lolly’s. After much deliberation we saw the junior champion Sharptor Bellevue pulled forward to take the top spot in the standards with the lovely big black gelding Moonpenny Macavity in as reserve standard champion.

It was now over to the miniatures which there was a lovely strong line up to choose from and it was Jason Burtons lovely Stallion Edern Dyfri crowned miniature champion with the equally lovely stallion Benston Harley with Angela Fox taking the reserve.

It was finally time for the main event the best in show. It was a lovely class to look at with all the champions displaying their sashes which made colourful end to the day. This saw Diane Randell pull forward the beautiful young filly Sharptor Bellevue to be crowned best in show and awarded the Roberta Brighton perpetual cup. Moonpenny Macavity was pulled forward as reserve best in show to add another huge rosette to his already large collection.

It was also the first show of the east Anglian GEMS championship which saw Jill Needham taking an early lead with two rosettes to her name, with Lorraine Norris and Jason Burton hot on her heels with one a piece.

Myself and Alan would like to thank everyone who came and supported our first show of 2018 we may run the shows but it is you guys the exhibitors that makes the show brilliant.

Sharptor Bellevue, junior champion, standard
champion and best in show











Moonpenny Macavity senior champion, reserve standard champion,
reserve best in show and overall best gelding

Benston Harley reserve mini champion

Giersberg justify, reserve senior champion

Edern Dyfri, mini champion










Abbottsbury Bramble, reserve junior champion


Brilliant day at NPA Cornwall, taking overall res supreme champion with Zennor Silver Shadow after going overall shetland champion after winning the 4 year old or over standard shetland. Zennor pilgrim 2nd in in the standard yearling and Zennor Roxanne, pic left, 2nd in the standard 2/3 year olds.


David and Julian hit the road running.....
A very enjoyable day and our first outing of the season at the Native Pony Magazine Native Pony Show in Wiltshire. The novice boys out today, Blackertor Magneto taking Shetland champion and then overall supreme in hand. Sharptor Kinsman winning the young stock class and taking reserve breed champion. Blackertor Mayfair went Dartmoor champion.

Tony Bell with BELTOY STUD'S Wikners Gryffindor, took Shetland Champion at the Northern Ireland Festival he then went  on to be Reserve Reserve Champion in the Cuddy Qualifier. Two pictures, one in his class running out & the other in the evening performance.

The enthusiastic breeders and members of the Northern Ireland  Group REALLY have some superb ponies. Well worth a look. GH

Samantha Davies, with her daughter Imogen at her area side saddle
 show. Imogen took Cr Air Frost and had a go off lead rein. She was the
 only junior, so won that and then came 2nd in best horse pony ridden
 side saddle. In with the ladies, huge smile trying on her own x