's policy on news reporting.

The long term objective has been and is to improve, not only the profile and perception of the Shetland pony, but to elevate the activity of breeding Shetland ponies from the poor relation to something which is recognised as worthy and attracts competent owners and breeders. I have done this by promoting without fear or favour, everyone who is making a worthwhile contribution.
This has been helped in no small part, although not exclusively, by the facility and its content. Most of the top studs are represented and the stud pages/links, news page and for sale get colossal viewing figures. The world wide web has provided a source of easily accessible information for anyone intending to purchase ponies, no longer any excuses for buying poor stock!.
I welcome other Shetland Web sites but I edit news for its veracity and worthiness. We do not publish results of failed show Shetland ponies pretending to be miniature horses, or the overblown reports sent in by owners of their 'successes'. Self publicity can be bad publicity. As I am aware of the realities of results through People who telephone me often from the shows, I report it how it is. People must do whatever they feel happy doing with their Shetland ponies, but please do not undermine the breed. Similarly in chat rooms or forums.

There is a place for such facilities I’m sure, but preferably not associated with Shetland ponies. Any prospective person surfing the web looking to get involved with the breed and touching down on ‘the forum’ of some web sites and reading some of the drivel spoken on some Shetland pony subjects would make anyone with half a brain run a mile. ‘Contributors’ wax lyrical and at length posting self-congratulatory reports of their ‘results’/ babies (foals) cross breds, unregistered etc etc, all cheered on by their cyber buddies. I do question why any one would want to air this drivel and proffer bad or incorrect advice on a public forum is beyond me, but it's a free country!

Many people feel that the work so many of us do in elevating the status of the pony and its breeders is undermined by the duplication of news on a site that undermines any credibility by posting it alongside some of the tosh sent in by owners / breeders who imagine they’ll get more coverage by seeing it duplicated.

YOU must decide where to send your news. You will note that well respected owners and breeders only submit to this site. Not, I add at my request to date, but one more reason this site it is considered 'the one'.
NO item will be published on this site if it is submitted to any other. (Reports of theft excepted) This policy decision will ensure that the 'News' items on other web sites will be different and not a duplicate of some of the news already reported on goes from strength to strength, its viewing figures rise hugely, far beyond expectations, but its basic concept stays firmly planted. This web site sponsors shows and is always giving money or time and effort to improve the lot of owners and breeders. By staying true to its principles ensures that everyone with access to the web visits

It gives immediate access to most of the UK's top studs and at a glance which have been updated most recently or have foals which may be for sale. RELATED LINKS to GROUPS, SERVICES, SHOW SCHEDULES, IN HAND AND SHOW RIDDEN AWARDS etc.
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