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Stud proprietor; Chris & Trudy Ridgers

tel; 01460 544 25 

email; trudridgers@gmail.com


We aim to breed quality stock with correct conformation, excellent movement, good temperament, lots of bone & hair.
Ponies occasionally for sale – enquiries most welcome.

Wotknotts Cedric

Wotknotts Buccaneer    

Welcome to Wotknotts.

A brief history of our small stud of ponies, based mainly on New Park breeding......
When I was three my parents bought me my first pony. At 16 I gave up riding, but my father continued to keep a couple of Irish Draft horses cross-breeding to produce several successful event horses. But 20 years on I still had a yearning to share my life with equines, and Dad (a retired farmer) needed more manageable livestock as a reason to get up in the mornings - so MINIATURE SHETLANDS were the obvious solution. We bought our first ponies in 1995. Fortunately my husband Chris shares my passion for these wonderful little ponies and takes cares of all the paddock management, drives us to events, and even shows if he absolutely has to! We feel incredibly privileged to have discovered and be involved with such intelligent and personable equines – they really have enriched our lives.

Why WOTKNOTTS? The family estate is called KNOTTS FARM - this was the only prefix of many we submitted containing 'KNOTTS' which was accepted for registration.